The Neptunes Throwback Videos

  • Guess who's home?! Guess who's home?! Guess who's HOOOOOME?!!111111

    Please feel free to posts some of your classic favourites!

  • It can't get better than this. Those keys are fucking smooth

  • Chad with the bars lol

  • Damn I remember i memorized Chads rap in middle school lmao

  • i didnt want to make a new thread but like, is there footage of 'you can do it too' or 'tape yo' or 'baby doll' or any in my mind tracks being performed other than number can i have it, mamacita and number 1? like i wanna see backseat love performed or fucking wonderful place or thrasher!

  • omg i jsut found this!!!!!

  • Woah. So sick. No chad tho :(

  • @mikitoramirez dude chad is right there on the turn tables/keys. @BabyMilo classic shit mane!

  • @Tenny Oh yeah. I'm an idiot. I'd just woken up when I watched it. It's my only excuse.

  • Didn't NER*D do an AOL sessions video/interview? I used to watch it on youtube all the time but it just vanished
    I remember they sang Wonderful place and Fly or die , good times.
    and I think i remember Shae saying something about P's breath stinking 24/8 haa.
    I'd fucking kill to see those again

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