Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

  • Michael Jackson would've been 58 today, I was listening to Off The Wall today remembering so many memories with his music.

    I remember getting the news of his death, some dude called Will told me and I just laughed cause I didn't believe him, until we got out of school and my dad was playing Off The Wall until we reached his house, then we got inside and I saw it on the news and froze.

    Later we watch the funeral live and I remember seeing Stevie Wonder perform "They Won't Go When I Go" and idk why it just ignited something in me and I didn't even realise it at the time.

    I remember seeing Moonwalker & Live In Bucharest 1991 like mind blown & going to the Michael Jackson Exhibition at the o2 Bubble in late 09, seeing all the Jackson 5 outfits and OTW costumes he had, the gloves, the Thriller jacket, handwritten lyrics to like Beat It & I touched this big gold medallion he had and none of the security people realised, then we left and wrote a message to him and his family in this blue book.

    I also remember seeing This Is It in cinemas and looking up at the ceiling when we had first moved listening to Music & Me cause all I pretty much had was a blue boom box I had got so I'd just sit and listen to this compilation CD a lot.

    Anybody else have memories?

    Side note - that performance of Maybe at Glastonbury where N.E.R.D dedicated it to him is still so sick

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