Cassie - Joint (No Sleep) (Snippet) (16')

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    Oh Lawd. She is back!
    Sounds like some Reggie Volume-ish. Did you produce this Reggie?

    Cassie - Joint (No Sleep) (Snippet) (16')

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  • aww man. Thank you bro that's a hell of a compliment. I didn't produce this one though. However, I do like the production on this song.

  • Oh- she grew something.
    Thats so 90s.
    For the rest- Winans whinery
    Diddys taste.

  • oh fuck, i cant wait for the full version

  • Cass!? damn. I was just wondering the other day if she completely stopped caring about music


  • Got no fucks to give unless it's Hide 😌

  • Admin

    Lawd Cassie cute af

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  • Whole thing sounds VERY much like old Ryan Leslie

  • this is sooooo hot! feel good throwback vibes
    Cassie can do no wrong

  • Intro sounds like Pharrell..
    But it aint Pharrell it just sounds like Pharrell hhahaha.. yea this song is on repeat!

  • It's sounds more like Ryan Leslie than Pharrell but it's produced by The Stereotypes. Dope shit!

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