Travis Scott - Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

  • For all the fans of la fame, what did you think of the album ?

    Through the late night with cudi is on repeat on my phone for sure, smooth vibe and just a typical cudi feel to the song. He also has some notable features on this album, same as rodeo, which makes me wonder if he can carry the load without having big names. It was good to hear andre 3000 again!

    Overall, it's a good, not great album. I would rank Rodeo above this but it'll take some time to grow on some people.

    alt text

    Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight:

    01 The Ends [ft. André 3000]
    02 Way Back
    03 Coordinate [ft. Blac Youngsta]
    04 Through the Late Night [ft. Kid Cudi]
    05 Biebs in the Trap [ft. NAV]
    06 SDP Interlude
    07 Sweet Sweet
    08 Outside [ft. 21 Savage]
    09 Goosebumps [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
    10 First Take [ft. Bryson Tiller]
    11 Pick Up the Phone [ft. Young Thug and Quavo]
    12 Lose
    13 Guidance [ft. K. Forest]
    14 Wonderful [ft. The Weeknd]

  • my favourite rapper verse on the intro, oooh shit

  • i wish there was some p on it like rodeo with 'flying high'

  • Whatsupp with all those weird covers lately?

  • It's solid but not quite as immediate as Rodeo or Days Before Rodeo on first couple of listens. I'm a huge fan and my expectations for his stuff have gone unusually high after those last two projects (second only to my expectations of a Kanye album). Having said that it's already started to grow on me.

    Way Back is probably my favourite right now, but the Cudi track is a close second, and sdp interlude is nice.

    Good point re. ability to carry album on his own - though I think each track undeniably has his essence and the guests feel like guests in his world.

    And the cover is great

  • whole album sounds the same. getting repetitive.

  • Admin

    i dont like the album at all

  • Kendrick's falsetto has been killing me since friday! Lol.

  • The album is meh. What bothers me the most from a graphic design point is the cover art, when you zoom in on it the whole thing looks like shit, whoever designed it went overboard with the blur tool lol

  • Cassie blessing us this month, two feats on this
    sdp interlude +++

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