Sonzeira - Brasil Bam Bam Bam (By Gilles Peterson)

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    Perfect album for this summer and premium FIFA soundtrack. No bullshit latin artist like JLO, Shakira or Pitbull. Gilles Peterson went to Brazil to record this album with great Brazilian artists like Marcos Valle, Seu Jorge and Elza Soares. They made new music and re-worked great tunes like Southern Freeez by Freeez and Estrelar by Marcos Valle. I remember lots of you guys posted Brazilian music in that recommendation thread on the old forum so I am certain you are going to like this. It's available on iTunes right now. Sorry I'm sounding like a marketing guy, but I'm really hyped about this project.

    You can hear the snippets from each song in the video below (my favorites: Sambaio (3:00) America Latina (7:30) Southern Freeez (9:00), Estrelar (13:30))

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    i love this i definitely will get it this, thanks !!

  • ~Awesome !

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