TBT- Where's Yours At in Studio with Rohff

  • One of P's best rap verses. He KILLED this sh!t

  • Rohff diss him years afters on one of his album hahaha

  • what was the diss?

  • In my eyes Pharrell was already a legend before he was world wide famous. He is such a dope producer.

  • Btw anyone has the original footage of this session?

    Trolls soundtrack will be out in a few days and I have a strong feeling that one of the JT x Gwen Collabs is produced by Pharrell. Well lets hope so.

  • This is funny. Never knew that Blue Magic was actually made for Yung Joc lol

  • crazy how this session turned into two different records

  • was taxi 3 even good?

  • i think if Pharrell would've rapped on "Spark The Fire" it would've been a bit bigger.

  • look at this bum ass rohff

  • Playahater said:

    what was the diss?

    in old music he said "fuck everbody Venus, Serena, Robbie, Pharrell Williams"
    i think he was pissed off because P used the same beat in Clones

  • wait he dissed Venus & Serena hahaha

  • why did this nigga diss Robbie lmfao? omg.

  • so that record is basically french equivalent 'Ether'?

  • Since we discussing a French rapper...imagine MC Solaar on one of the MC Lyte beats for a sec...

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