• Inspired by the running thread, I wanted to ask you guys what kinda music do you play to give you the strength to do that extra rep, to run that extra mile. Please share some gems.

    I found out that music is crucial during my running session, more that I would've thought. My personal best session was when I listened to Seeing Sounds.

    Also, have any of you guys listened to motivational speeches while working out ?

  • N.E.R.D - Loser (feat. Clipse)
    Eminem - Til I Collapse
    Kanye West - Get Em High
    Papa Roach - Never Look Back (feat N.E.R.D)
    The bridge part in Revolution 1993 by Jamiroquai that makes me feel like im flying.

  • and for some reason, The World's Greatest by kellz comes to mind.

  • Admin

    I gotchu Fam, im working on posting that Playlist that got me 44min 10k in 2 weeks

  • Hans Zimmer's 'The Battle' from Gladiator works pretty well for me if I'm trying to flex my pace up on the treadmill. I'm literally sprinting through some of the crescendo:

  • U just popped in the Kanye West 'Get Right For Summer' workout tape..

  • Keep 'em coming, there's no way people on this forum don't lift. I'm sure guys are swole af

    Imma download every single song on this thread, make different playlist and internet shame you if your suggestions aren't helping my performance lmao

  • @Mika you're very real for this b


  • I cant lift for shit, gym is not my thing. I was running on a treadmill listening to 'lord willin' and my phone flew out of the holder and my earphones too, my body fell back slightly, i was only on track 3 as well, I slipped and almost fell off. exercise is hard.

  • Seeing Sounds is killa when running.

    Always got the Yeezus album bumping when I'm out and about...shit got me hype as hell lol

  • yeezus while working out would be hard

  • @SkateboardP-com yes very hard, need a lot of determination and discipline but very rewarding too. You set yourself a goal and then by sheer will, you're able to reach it and even go beyond

  • @Hunter funnily, ran to Yeezus on sunday but idk, SS has so much energy in the drums. Gets me hyped everytime

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