Space Settlement Project

  • In school, I joined this space settlement competition where we have to design this settlement and the prize is a trip is to the Space Center in America, I'm so freaking excited.

    We compete in teams and get to go to other places in London and stay overnight on this one Saturday.

    I hope we win, I've always wanted to do something like this before. Side note - we only have 4 people and we need 6 more to qualify :( I hope we get to do this though, cause I would do anything to go to a space centre, it's run by my science teacher too.

    This is so cool to me and no one around me is hyped about it really, ugh. I'm so ready, If i went inside a space centre, I swear to god. I don't even know what I'd do.

    Knowing other dudes on here are interested in this makes me super happy though. I'mma try to get my crush involved in this which could open up another door so yeah, I'm super happy right now. i really hope we qualify.

  • If we do qualify, I don't even know man...

  • Good luck bro! Which space center is it? Houston?

  • thanks fam, I dont even know. It could be that one, I gotta ask my teacher.

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