Comic Book/Record Stores In London?

  • Are there any comic book stores in London? I've heard of one, now I'm intrigued, i wanna go to one and a literal record store too apart from the trading centre down my road. Someone put me on. please. I've been looking to expand my collection.

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    @superjdoug is your man for good record stores!

  • Mavis said:

    @superjdoug is your man for good record stores!

    Alright, thanks for your help dude.

  • I'm not a big vinyl collector honestly (I'm seriously thinking about starting), but there a definitely some cool stores I've come across just to browse. Some up in Camden another couple around Soho and just behind Carnaby Street somewhere I thin. Tbh Fopp is pretty good for newer stuff but you're not going to find any rare gems there. Take a look at this to get you started, mostly central London:

    I'm sure others have got some better suggestions

  • There is an amazing second hand record store in Greenwich called the Music and Video Exchange or something. Really good Neps stuff in there sometimes. I think there is one in Notting Hill too. Sister Ray's in Soho and Shoreditch are okay but a bit expensive.

    For comic books Gosh! in Soho is great.

  • @mikitoramirez yeah, there's that comic book store near Leicester Square as well, the long narrow one. Orbital I think?

    Def need to check out that Greenwich store some time!

  • Yeah, Orbital is dope. There is alway The Forbidden Planet for new stuff too.

  • @superjdoug @mikitoramirez thank you guys for your help, I'm gonna definitely check out those places.

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