Andre Benjamin Album?

  • Guys, i feel like we're getting SOMETHING. after all these years. 5-6 features in ONE year (so far).
    and now this

    I KNOW we are getting something in 2017 or maybe even sooner, I feel it. Ugh, my favourite rapper dude. I can't wait. We get 3 Andre features in one week, decemba today and then the two new Cudi tracks and he's also been going under ANDRE BENJAMIN now not 3000, he's prepping something.I know it.

  • I think we get something this year. Rumors are we get a new Outkast album. Finally after 10 years lol. #crossingfingers

  • Eh we've been here before. Not gonna get my hopes up again.

  • Rumors are that an Outkast album is being made. But I've also heard that Big Boi is doing another solo album. I don't know anything else. Also it seems Killer Mike & El-P are taking a bit more time with RTJ3.

  • Yeah he's def working on a solo, Chris Rock made an insta post about it even though Andre hasn't confirmed anything, but we can assume lol, his Phife speech def had me thinking he's working on an album.

  • Fuck. Andre killed that.

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