Twista - Lavish (Advance/Mike Love Version)

  • Went to play this version and I thought I had this in my collection cause I kinda liked it better than the original and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone on here still have it?

  • idk but i want it too -- "Mike Love cold as hell!!"

  • Staff

    matic_touch said:

    idk but i want it too -- "Mike Love cold as hell!!"

    Hahaha I forgot about that

  • thanks! i actually had it, just in another music folder somewhere else lol

  • Haha I remember having this version back in the day, shout out to Mike Love lol

  • Yo remember that advance version of My Love by JT and it kept repeating a line about copyright?
    Somebody here made a little remix that kept looping that line which was amazing!
    It would make my year if somebody knows what I'm talking about and still has that version...

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