In My Mind Or G I R L ?

  • i personally think in my mind is one of the greatest albums to ever be made

  • in my mind

  • imm hands down tumblr_ljvvw2KzBd1qh28qoo1_r1_500.gif

  • Still G I R L noooo question

  • apples/oranges

  • ^ this. But overall my preference is G I R L

  • @superjdoug agreed

  • @busy said:

    imm hands down tumblr_ljvvw2KzBd1qh28qoo1_r1_500.gif

  • In My Mind, yezzur!

  • I still listen IMM back to back. Stopped listening GIRL

  • This is like Michael or Lebron.. lol

  • why keep making threads like these?
    %90 of pharrell like imm better
    girl was a completely different venture

  • TBH I don't really care thaaat much for GIRL.
    IMM has more tracks that speak to me.
    I mean, how the fuck is "Happy" supposed to speak to such a miserable individual as myself? :D
    Clap along if you feel like self-destructive behaviour is the truth.

    Now but on the real. 9/10 times I'll end up listening to IMM over GIRL.

  • G I R L song for song is a better album I guess, but In My Mind has better songs if that makes any sense

  • @Spock Back when the tracklisting for 20/20 Experience came out and everyone got mad because it was only 10 tracks, this is what I was trying to say. G I R L is a better ALBUM, but there are definitely better songs on IMM. As a collection it is better to have 10 tracks that are all pretty good to great than have 17 tracks where maybe 7 are great and the rest are okay to bad.

  • G I R L is a well put together album but to me the tracks dont stand as well as in my mind does . i could listen to in my mind back to back and then when it comes to G I R L i only listen to come get it bae , freq ,gush and it girl everything else is not that great especially mariyln monroe , no doubt has to be one of his worst songs

  • I can't say which is better, but Out of My Mind is better than both....

  • Take it off , stay with me,young girl, really like you,number one, and that girl >>>> GIRL. The songwriting for the rnb side of IMM is just so much better than GIRL imo. As far as production goes GIRL does have those pretty strings and super clean production but overall its a little too clean. Too safe. IMM is a weird era for P but i do love the production. IMM also has more variety with him spitting and is also a more personal record ( best friend, you can do it too, our father). Thats why I enjoy it more. Pharrell may hate it and want to forget it because it wasnt critically acclaimed and he felt it was written out ego about money and girls but I love it. I honestly feel it is the better album

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