Pusha T - Daytona (2018)

  • I hope this is what pusha wants.....

  • "games we play" and "come back baby" sounding really nice.

  • @essntl has it leaked?

  • @sandow no. push added snippets from the listening party on his IG story + page


    P was at the listening with him and Swizz

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    That album better be good.

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    @Mika said in Pusha T's 'King Push' Thread:

    Pusha T Is Releasing A New Album ‘Daytona’ On Friday (May 25th)

    According to Pusha T, he is finally ready to release the follow-up to his last album “King Push: Darkest Before Dawn (The Prelude)” released in 2015 this Friday via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam, but the new album won’t be called ‘King Push’. The whole album is produced by Kanye West and probably Co-Produced by his camp producers, so don’t be surprised to see five to six names on the producer credits. The album will be called ‘Daytona’ and will only have seven tracks on the album with features by Rick Ross and Kanye West. Pusha T explained why he named the album ‘Daytona’ and not ‘King Push’.

    “I felt it didn’t represent the overall message of this body of work,” he wrote. “Daytona represents the fact that I have the luxury of time. That luxury only comes when u have a skill set that your confident in.” He added, “This album is for my family… high taste level, luxury, drug raps fans. Literally this is nothing more than the outcome of our musical therapy sessions.” “I done this album like three times,” Push said last September. “[Kanye] come in and pick all the beats and shit and then he’d scrap them and say, ‘I can do better.’ These past two months we’ve just been locking in… getting this album perfect for y’all.”

    Pusha T - Daytona (May 25th)
    01 – If You Know You Know
    02 – The Games We Play
    03 – Hard Piano feat. Rick Ross
    04 – Come Back Baby
    05 – Santeria
    06 – What Would Meek Do feat. Kanye West
    07 – Infrared

    Wtf why does it sound like Dragomir wrote Pusha’s quotes !?

  • OMFG DRAGOMIR😂😂😂😂 I wish that crazy mofo would join back on here tbh he was so entertaining lmfao

  • He just posted the album art with the caption “I finally got my album art...” it’s like he had no part of the decision. Something is weird with this project

  • @UncleBabyTomatoSoup said in Pusha T's 'King Push' Thread:

    He just posted the album art with the caption “I finally got my album art...” it’s like he had no part of the decision. Something is weird with this project

    And its sad that most artists don't have much of the saying, they can't even decide which record they can keep on the album, even the album arts are being decided by the upper executives so sometimes they just let it flow and just accept whatever that has been chosen.

    Have you heard abt the K-Pop industry? Its modern slavery, these artists work their ass off and only earn 5-10% income of the sales (which they need to divide if its a group) and most of the times they have litterally no saying in their art and conditions are getting worse, hence more are letting their voice heard subliminally.

    I just wished that Pusha (with his goodmusic president status) would have atleast more freedom or at least release some old P features and not keep waiting till Kanye is in the mood to touch his long awaited project and let that guy make total disruptive changes. Not saying that Kanye isn't creative, but that man is 180 degrees of the Kanye we knew 10 years ago. Just saying.

  • Album is out.

  • I started playing it and I wasn't too impressed. By the time I got to Santeria with the Ultimate Flow beat sample, I quit and put on We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 instead.

  • Come back Baby is my favorite, that shit is so fire.

  • The album cover art is wack af and already makes me dislike the album without even hearing it. Anyone else judge albums off cover art or just me??

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    alright just before i go to bed just wanna say this

    fuck kanye

  • 'The Games we play' my fav so far

  • The cover art is actually a picture of whitney houson's bathroom with drugs all over the place, rumors say that Kanye spent 85k to put his hand on that pix... How outrageous!

  • The shit is fucking immaculate.

  • @KevinMorow That ain't no rumor, it's a fact.

  • This is exceptional. Hoping for more Push x P in the future when the timings right (good to hear in the Angie interview that they’re still getting on the studio often) but for now things turned out right. Beat selection is so fire

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