Lab 001

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    Lab 001


    Hi guys and welcome to our first Hot Labs

    Hot Labs are monthly challenges in which we will attempt to push you to be creative via music, art, or any other creative medium that allows for easy digital collaboration.

    This months source material challenge details are as follows.

    Ellington & Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood (62')

    1. You have to make a 1:30 audio composition with only the source materials, must not contain any other sounds.

    2. The only claps or snares one can use must be done by their own hands.

    3. Tempo: 120.

    This lab will close on the last Sunday of this month, December.

    Good luck and have fun!!

  • This is exciting

  • Dope. Gonna get to work right away. How do we post it up once finished? Soundcloud embed?

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    @Hunter Soundcloud is fine.

    I was in process of working on a file repository running on the server but wasn't able to get it up on time. Please use soundcloud until we switch over. Thanks

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    Yessir lets get this started !

  • Damn I've been sitting on mine for like a week waiting for someone else to upload first and I was just getting ready to upload when I noticed the BPM gotta be at 120...shit mine's at 86... I really gotta learn how to read the fuckin' directions.

  • Still working on mine, I just read the tempo part so I have to start over lol

  • lol same here guys i had to start over, i think i have one tho, but now i just have to add claps, we can do the beat with our hands too right?

  • @Neptonik said in Lab 001:

    lol same here guys i had to start over, i think i have one tho, but now i just have to add claps, we can do the beat with our hands too right?

    Pretty sure...I had claps from my hands in mine and the kick I did from smacking my lips apart then EQing the shit out of it...hopefully that's okay too.

  • Admin

    Hands as said is allowed. The lips things is pretty other, so we'll allow it too.

  • I finished, (right before the deadline lmao) Stretched myself thin on this cause i rely on Virtual instruments heavy. (EQ'd the heck out of my hand claps)
    It was fun creating it though, cant lie. dont know how to embed but heres the link:

  • Thought I'd act immediately on a new year's resolution to do more music, so here's my entry (probably too late though...). Definitely inspired reflecting back on 2016 (kind of puts me in mind of the grim reaper's march through the year or something like that...). Only additional sample is some clapping by me towards the end:

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    Extended it for a week, due to people being busy during the holidays. The entries so far are dooooope

  • didn't care for the sample much, but wanted to challenge myself. only listened to the first half of the song so hopefully i didnt miss anything. i really like the piano loop that starts the song but not everything else lol

  • Here's mine. claps, snaps, and rubbing

  • Here's mine, I did that lip thing for the kick that was allowed and the rest was just my hands for claps and shakers. Did a little reversing of the sample to make it sound different.

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