Whats Your Favourite Pharrell & Chad Track From 2016

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    Looking back at the year 2016, 61 tracks have been released officialy and unofficially on the net. The Highlights are Cassius’ ‘The Missing’, Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink + White’, Kid Cudi’s ‘Surfin’, Little Big Town’s ‘One Dance’, Post Malone’s ‘Up There’ and Skepta’s ‘Numbers’ and of course Pharrell’s Hidden Figures’ Project with ‘Crave’, Lalah Hathaway’s ‘Surrender’ and Kim Burrell’s ‘I See A Victory’. I won’t share my favourite yet, cuz I don’t what you guys to be influenced anyhow off that, but you can find the complete list of the tracks below, Please let me know what your favourite track is.

    A$AP Rocky - Hear Me feat. Pharrell
    Alicia Keys - Apple feat. Pharrell
    Alicia Keys - Work On It
    Butterfly Jae Heart - Welcome To My Lair (Chad Hugo Remix)
    Cassius - Go Up feat. Pharrell & Cat Power
    Cassius - The Missing feat. Pharrell, Ryan Tedder & Jaw
    Chad Hugo - Friend Of Star Trek
    Frank Ocean - Pink + White feat. Beyoncé
    Hannah Huston - I Call The Shots
    Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch & Pharrell Williams - Hidden Figures Suite
    J Balvin - Safari feat. Pharrell, BIA & Sky
    Janelle Monáe - Isn't This The World
    Janelle Monáe - Jalapeño feat. Pharrell
    Kap G - Southside
    Kenna - Sleep When We Die (Chad Hugo Remix)
    Kevin McCall - Rocketship Emoji
    Kid Cudi - Advanced feat. Pharrell
    Kid Cudi - By Design feat. André 3000
    Kid Cudi - Flight At First Sight
    Kid Cudi - Surfin'
    Kid Cudi - Surfin' feat. Pharrell (Album Version)
    Kim Burrell - I See A Victory
    Kirk Franklin - 123 Victory feat. Pharrell (Remix)
    Lalah Hathaway - Surrender feat. Pharrell
    Little Big Town - C'mon feat. Justin Timberlake
    Little Big Town - Miracle
    Little Big Town - One Dance
    Little Big Town - One Of Those Days
    Little Big Town - Skinny Dippin'
    Little Big Town - The Boat
    Little Big Town - Willpower
    Little Big Town - Work
    Makuta - Straight Outta Love
    Mary J. Blige - Mirage
    Missy Elliott - Pep Rally
    Mr. Len & Chad Hugo - I Live It
    Pharrell Williams - Able
    Pharrell Williams - B Is For Book
    Pharrell Williams - Crave
    Pharrell Williams - Crystal Clear
    Pharrell Williams - Runnin'
    Pharrell Williams - What Is RAW
    Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton - I Wish (Stevie Wonder Cover)
    Pharrell Williams, Daniel Passino & Hannah Huston - Let Love Rule
    Post Malone - Up There
    Sawyer Fredericks - 4 Pockets (Pharrell Williams Mix)
    SG Lewis - Meant To Be
    Sir Rosevelt - For My Own
    Sir Rosevelt - Sunday Finest
    Skepta - Numbers feat. Pharrell
    Slator Blacc - Roots
    The Quarry - City Lights
    The Quarry - I Knew
    The Quarry - So I Walked Out In The Rain
    The Quarry - Someday Soon

  • Souf Side.

  • This is always a pretty hard thing to do at the end of the year. Off of that pure "NERD" energy and inspiration I have to go with the album version of Surfin' though. The message in the song resonated with me something serious. It's one of my favorite songs of the year.

  • Surfin' outro (By Design, Numbers, Flight at first sight and Southside are all up there though)

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    It's TOO hard to choose just one. So maybe I'll answer later. But it's something between "Safari", "One Dance", "By Design", "Advanced", "Up There", "Surfin", "The Missing", even "Numbers" I liked.

    "Straight Outta Love" concerning Chad.

    Oh and jesus, I don't remember what "Southside" was. LMAO !

  • Southside, FAFS/Advanced, Numbers, Skinny Dippin', Safari, and Isn't This The World are my favorites this year. Can't pick just one.

  • Probably just gonna be the only one to say this but Apple is hands down my favorite. Was not messing with it at all when I first heard it but it grew on me like crazy.

  • pink+white, Advanced and Meant to be. Not the best year in terms of quality unfortunately, lot of boring songs, hope it will be better in 2017!

  • Surfin
    Isn't this the world
    Pink n White

  • Isn't this the world
    Crystal Clear
    Up There
    The whole Rules of the Game work

  • All of Rules of the Game
    Up There

  • Up There Apple Numbers Surrender Pink and White Safari Numbers Was Cool Those are the one my brain rn

  • Numbers, Safari, Surrender, Crystal Clear, Surfing

  • 123 Victory (I still remember the night I first heard it - Jethus Cwithe!)

    Pink and White
    Up There
    Rules of the Game

  • south side might have gotten more spins from me at gigs and in the car

  • I'm surprised at how many people have said Southside...I really thought this forum would hate it when it dropped honestly.

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    ^ Word. Surprising.

  • @nerd0016 said in Whats Your Favourite Pharrell & Chad Track From 2016:

    Isn't this the world
    Crystal Clear
    Up There
    The whole Rules of the Game work

    Yes this! and Pinkwhite

  • @Mika i kinda hated on hear me idk but it's a cool beat

  • Anddd if we had to choose our least favorite:


  • @nerd0016 damn thats my favorite song from that whole album lol. I think the bridge is tight

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