Pharrell's "Let's Get Blown" shirt???

  • So, I'm looking for the shirt that Pharrell wore in Snoop Dogg's "Let's Get Blown" video. I actually had one before and can't remember the name of the shirt nor where I got it from. If anyone has any idea of where I could find this shirt, let me know. Thanks![alt text](![image url](![image url](![image url](![image url](![image url](0_1483320985345_BLOWN1.jpg image url))))))0_1483321003641_BLOWN1.jpg

  • i remember copping one from eBay years ago so maybe there?

  • That's a bape n.e.r.d milo shirt, if you find one... A real one... it's gonna cost you

  • It's like 1 of 5 or something crazy last I heard.

  • Theres literally no way in hell you find this tee if you're looking for the authentic BAPE one. Im sure you could find a knockoff but hopefully you're not about that life lol

  • i remember crying cause i lost one of those on ebay lol
    Its gonna be really hard to find one, most people are less willing to sell them nowadays. I saw one on Jauce a few months ago so you might want to look on there. Sometimes there's rare stuff on depop too.
    You could always look on insta aswell, I've seen people sell them but they'll probably be expensive
    edit: might have one - sometimes they sell rare bape stuff so you could look on there now and then

  • @tsil Didn't know about, still like a lot of the designs BBC/IC released during 2006-2010

  • @Borsboom Yeah same i love the old designs, heatclub have a sale on right now on some bbc stuff. its a shame the shipping so high outside of the usa though :/

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