What artist(s) would you like to see The Neptunes collaborate with?

  • I have a feeling this has been a topic before - apologies if I'm repeating.

    Personally, I'd give my right testicle to see The Neptunes/Pharrell/Chad collaborate with Jamiroquai.
    I'm such a huge fan and is the reason I'm such a huge Neptunes fan. I've found both music styles very similar - keys, chords, baselines, beats, whatever you want to call it and think they would have such great chemistry (musically). I was listening to J's album earlier today 'Emergency on planet earth' (recommended if you haven't yet heard it) and more or less speaks the same messages P/NERD speaks - Make love not war, friendship, make the world a better place and all that. Anyway that's what got me thinking and thought I'd ask the rest of the fam.

    What collaborations would you like to see that haven't yet happened?

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    Jessie J !!!

  • If MJ were still alive, it'd definitely be him. I guess Justified is gonna be the closest we get to that. I definitely agree with you on Jamiroquai. I'd probably have to be on my death bed for that one though. I'd explode from excitement.

  • I'm not feeling Jamiroquai and The Neptunes together mainly because of the similarities...The Neps thrive off of contrast. Hearing them with someone you wouldn't necessarily expect creates some of the best shit. They're incredible on their own but together it wouldn't work IMO.

    With that said...
    We need a Neptunes produced Future mixtape.

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  • That French rapper Makala

  • honestly would love to him pharrell work with migos
    he has a great way of getting something deep from artist or at least really different sounding and fun

  • @UncleBabyTomatoSoup said in What artist(s) would you like to see The Neptunes collaborate with?:

    That French rapper Makala

    Do you know who produces his stuff? Those beats are crazy.

  • Dreezy. I was listening to her on Spotify earlier. She's dope.

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    I'd like to see them become "alternative" again... work with some shit that isn't pop, rap or what people expect. But still mainstream enough for them to get some attention and play with perceptions

    Death grips
    Anna Wise
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    Lana Del Rey
    Jorja Smith
    Hiatus Kaiyote
    G Dragon
    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

    But if just one - FKA Twigs.., I bet she could bring out the fucked up weird experimental neptunes that we haven't heard for years

  • Hate me for it, but It would be dope if he did a similar sounding song of "Say Something" with Ariana Grande, we all know Mariah aint got it no more.

  • Gambino.

  • @Hunter .... LOL

  • Would love to see them work with Brandy some more

  • I've been wishing for the longest time on GD, T.O.P or BIGBANG and thought I was finally going to get it last year...

    To be honest any kpop artist would be great (chads red velvet production aside), and a return to some Japanese collaborations - literally would take any

    It would never happen (most people might be glad) but I'd love to hear an Adam Young (of Owl city) x Pharrell pair up - I can't even imagine how good that would sound...

    Kanye solo produced by Pharrell (addn prod by cashmere cat and hudmo - mind blowing.....

    This Chinese singer Khalil Fong - I think that pairing would be immaculate.

    Other than those, Gorillaz would still be interesting (not sure how exactly it would work) and something else with Diplo/Major Lazer but more on the production side. Grimes, Ella Mai, Kali Uchis would all be cool. Jason Mraz would be a dream come true - could work actually in a Mayer Hawthorne sort of way...

    TBH anything a bit off-road or different. I honestly hated the Sir Roosevelt stuff and wasn't mad for the LBT album, but as long as its mixed up with plenty of other stuff it's actually pretty nice to get that variety

  • @mavis great shout re. Liss! Zhu would also be an interesting one. MIA and KPP collabs have long been dreams too...

    & another one - PNL, damn I think that pairing would work perfectly.

    It does make you wonder how P and Chad pick who they work with. Is it based on who they think they'll gel well with, who they think they can make awesome music with, who can afford them, or like Pharrell often says, who they can get something interesting out of (a different side of the artist)? Frustratingly maybe some of these suggestions are too obvious to pique their interest...

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  • Rihanna


    J Cole


    J Beiber

  • @Spaceman Pink flamingo mostly. I can't get enough of those beats!

  • @Mavis a Liss X Neptunes track would be so fire omg (thanks for putting me onto them by the way)

  • the weeknd
    it might be another JT X neptune collab
    (his voice is also kinda like MJ)

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