Favorite Clipse Track.......And Why??

  • Legendary Duo..........Favorite Track?

  • I can't pick just one, I know the lyrics to every song. So I chose one from each album

    Gangsta lean-great 420 song
    Hello new world- Idk why but this song stuck. "the news call it crack I call it Diet Coke"
    Champion- song is so motivational

  • Can't pick one so how about 3 from each album lol

    Hear Me Out, Stick Girl, Taiwan To Texas
    Gangsta Lean, Virginia, Ma, I Don't Love Her
    Ride Around Shining, Keys Open Doors, Trill
    I'm Good, Doorman, Life Change

  • Staff

    Right now I wanna say "Trill". Maybe tomorrow it will be "Mr Me Too".

  • Grindin, Virginia, hello new world, keys open doors, I'm good, doorman

  • Staff

    Momma I'm so sorry

  • I'm Not You

    It's their realest song. Malice verse is incredible.

  • 🔑 🔑 open 🚪 🚪

  • I might be the only person ever who feels this way. But "I'm Good" is probably my favorite Clipse song. Doesn't mean its the BEST, but its my favorite. It was a summer track that I used to play during the best summer of my life. So everytime I hear that song I am reminded of those good times. So yeah, I'm good is my vote.

  • Counseling and I'm good because of chords!

  • TRILL because it's hard as hell

  • Gangsta Lean and Momma I'm So Sorry

    alt text

  • I'm Not You - fantastic verses from both the brothers but the Malice verse is just so good. & the Neptunes really did their thing on that beat - the synth and the steel drums are just.... Great jadakiss, styles and Rosco features too.

  • Staff

    The start and the end of "Gangsta Lean".

  • Gangsta Lean and ride around shinin

  • Comedy Central. pusha's verse is crazy

  • "Keys open Doors" those verses was so raw to me & that beat is easily one of my favorite Neptunes beat

  • Man!!! Never even thought about this. Gangsta Lean is just one of the greatest songs ever conceived. Grindin' is already cemented in Hip-Hop lunchroom history. Comedy Central was great. Wamp Wamp, Mr Me Too and Momma i'm So Sorry.

    I think "I'm Good" is the most timeless out of all their tracks. Just the smooth texture of the whole track, and the Pharrell backing BGVs are godlike.

  • Not really playing by the rules, but.....

    "ReUp Gang Intro" from Volume 3.... Every time I hear the end of Pusha's verse, i be like .....


    (same with Malice's verse on "Emotionless" when he calls out P)

    But as far as an album track!?... Love almost all of them!....but "Freedom" is my shit (they sure know how to do intro songs!)

  • @CDW

    Man I feel you. Freedom and Footsteps were my two favourite songs off TTCD

    So much power, emotion and intensity in both those songs

  • comedy central or "keys open doors" maybe.. i've never put that much thought into it.

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