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  • There was talk of G-Dragon in another thread so I was wondering if there were any other K-Pop fans in here, I dabble but don't have a deep knowledge of the genre so I was looking for some recommendations. I like a lot of 2NE1 and CL stuff:

  • @mikitoramirez yessir, I've tried making a couple of these in the past on the old version of the forum, but they have died pretty fast :( In terms of recommendations, I guess most of the YG stuff is pretty good (that's GD, Bigbang, CL etc. lane). Try the new Taeyang album, definitely try all the g-d stuff and Bigbang music. In terms of producers, there are some pretty good ones out there - Teddy (who is in the YG camp) is pretty dope, and the dude shinsadong tiger (who made a heap of hits over the past few years) is amazing with pure k-pop. Definitely check out T-ara for that sort of stuff. There's a lot of stuff to discover out there, this just scratches the surface, so definitely dig a little deeper

  • @superjdoug Yeah, I dig Teddy Park's stuff, he's like a Korean Max Martin. I've just got a bunch of G-Dragon stuff cause all I know are a few of the singles and I'd heard that the new Taeyamg album was good so will defo check it out and not heard of T-ara. Cheers.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This stuff is BUMPIN LOL

  • I've been liking this. Something about the chords reminds me of a Neptunes song, which one??? I just can't remember.....

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    @superjdoug That's a nice one doug. It has a few of the same chords from Usher's 'What's a guy gotta do' and solanges I decided., that's probably it? Also sounds a bit like Am I High? Thanks for the recommendation! Going to buy this now. Can't wait for the CL & MIA collab

  • I love her a bit too much.

  • @Mavis Yeah, that whole album sounds really good. Normally I'm really up on all the YG stuff, but slacked a bit this year. That 2ne1 album and the new tae yang both sound good. I'm working on a 2ne1 remix right now, has a bit of an MIA vibe in parts, I'll post it on here once its done. @mikitoramirez she is super cool

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    @superjdoug I'm not big on Taeyang. He's my least favourite out of Bigbang. Kind of off-topic but do any of you guys watch Running man? When i was in korea i'd watch this all the time. perfect hangeover TV

  • @Mavis you're kidding me... yes, I've seen quite a few episodes, my wife is a big fan of it, and its strangely addictive. This was the last thing I'd expect to crop up on here man, lol, love how this forum always brings some surprises

  • Here is my 2NE1 remix I just completed and one I recently did of G-Dragon's song Niliria

  • @superjdoug That G-Dragon mix is killer.

  • @mikitoramirez thanks bro

  • pop on those good headphones and take a listen to this. Yeah its derivative, but its bloody sick:

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    Not enjoying this one... but i hate Taeyang so...

    Give me more GD & Top any day

  • @Mavis definitely true, need those two back at it


    Not sure what to think about this one, a bit derivative and even the cover is similar to It G Ma visuals, but growing on me fast and man the Diplo beat goes hard

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    Super trash - I'm starting to hate diplo. Why did he have to jump on the it g ma shit before they even had their own time? That fact alone ruins it for me and makes it feel contrived (especially because he got OG Maco on it).. The song is actually quite bad too.

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