Just Blaze Vs. Swizz Beatz Battle

  • It was streamed on Instagram live with a bunch of people in the comments talking shit (Timbaland, Meek, Lenny S, Kay Slay, AraabMuzik, etc.). They swear a Pharrell vs. Timbo is going to happen, but who knows. What did you guys think of the event and who would win P vs. Timbo?

  • Wow thats crazyyy..

    I think P would give us some crazy beats but I'm afraid the crowd would go more crazy on a Timbo performance there. But hey lets see if this actually happens ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  • This post is deleted!

  • That dmx jay nas jadakiss joint was crazy

  • Yeah I'm tryna see P wash Timothy.

  • @YB yeah unfortunately i highly doubt they would get him to do it

  • Admin

    dope stuff

    Just Blaze though

  • Watched some of it live the other day & just rewatched the whole thing. Both two of my favourite of all time, so this was awesome to watch. Just will always have the better discography imo, but Swizz brought a great energy to this. But one with P will never happen because:

    a) this was all about bravado and showing out - no room for humble personalities in the room; and

    b) Pharrell allegedly hates hearing his old stuff, so I assume wouldn't be capable of spinning some of the early hits (it's different to when he is actually performing them I guess)

  • Tim accepted the challenge and he will go up against Swizz! We need some recorders because I want them unreleased joints to be unleashed!

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