if you miss early tyler the creator/eminem/earl you may like this

  • Finally grew some NUTS to RELEASE THIS!!!
    I dont got any expectations, but FUCK im happy AF right now!

    0_1488147629255_Press Start Cover Art.jpg

    0_1488147662652_Press Start Back Cover Art.jpg

    Anyways I'm a 21 year old Asian (filipino) kid whos bout to graduate college in May. Always had a vision of playing in the nfl when i was young, but that all changed when i didnt grow and played division 3 ball.

    So i ended up getting into music and here i am releasing a mixtape solely made by me. I always do everything on my own when it comes to this, making vids, and doin anything. Everything on this tape from the artwork to the mixing and mastering was all done by me. Don't really know how to mix and master, but I tried.

    I made this shit when i was on winter break, so it took me a month to make this. I basically got tired of hearing the same trap, pop, mumble rap that has been invading the music scene as of lately. This is my middle finger to all that shit.

    Most of the songs on hear are about rape, rape, ralph lauren, VIOLENCE, beatin my meat, and cummin.

    I dont got sites like illroots, rapradar, etc. to help me out so if yall fuck with this and have a good heart help a brother out and tell people about it. Post it on yo instas, yo twittas, yo blogs, fuck just post it and share it!!! PLEASE.... PLEASE... PLEASE.... HELP ME OUT!!!

    Anyways imma stop rambling and if you took the time out of your day to read this/listen to it I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU!!

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