Nas 2 mil neptunes beat

  • I don't if you've all heard that rumour back in 2005 when nas reportedly paid that ridiculous amount of money to get his hands on a fantastic neptunes beat and Puff daddy and busta rhymes were bidding to get it too. Later on, Pharrell confirmed it was definitely 2 mil in an interview and the beat was apparently "can I have it like that" as he said that a couple rappers were fighting over it.
    Now, to be fair it is a great beat, no questions about it but was it really worth that kinda money?
    What do u guys think about it? Like if you had 2 million dollars to spend on a neptunes/pharrell beat, which one would you have picked?
    Personally, I think I would have gone for that "pass the courvoisier part 2" one... Let's hear from you now...

  • @KevinMorow that 2 mill thing was a rumour started by mika wasn't it??

    CIHILT was being bid on by puffy and someone else but it wasn't a 2 mill beat

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    Yes, it worths it, it's fucking "CAN I HAVE IT LIKE THAT".
    If I had 2M ? "Beautiful" or "Milkshake".

  • That much would get you a lifetime contract on I am other these days

  • man, i'd buy the 'game show' beat off kaleidoscope or maybe idk...use your heart, what's a guy gotta do (i really wish michael would've sung that still.) maybe frontin

  • like i love you

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    That whole story was fake. I remember an interview where P said it's not true. The story led to him and nas trying to make a song afterwards, but they couldn't make something good enough to live up the the 2 milli rumour hype. That's when he came out and said it's not true.

    Hmm anyway your question - The beat to Clutch (neptunes remix)

  • A 2 mill beat is "Drop It Like It's Hot" that beat was phenomenal

  • @lord_willin I wonder how much snoop paid for this one but yes I agree it is phenomenal

  • 2 million...hmmm
    beautiful or magarita

  • Admin

    oh yeh, well were also rensposible for that rumour back in the irc/startrak forum days !!

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