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  • Hi guys it's Mars!

    Q: So what the fuck happened to the CTX project after all these years? is it still happening? who the hell gets lil' kim pregnant?!
    A: Well it's still on the way bitches and we're looking towards a december release this time. Many delays have happened due to funding and other unrelated shit called life. The project will be renamed to iAmDopeBeats and this time instrumentals, radio edits, & a cappellas will be included. And you know we care about quality unlike that re-encoded mess that y'all have been provided time to time. I told y'all asses mp3 was not the way to go…but anyways back on the subject. This project is very costly and we pretty much have all the CDs in existence and are working on getting vinyls. even shit you didn't knew that exist, like this Clipse - Grindin' (Promo CDS) . Omg btw! We have a blog => IAmDopeBeats we still try to update it weekly!

    Audible proof of the quality we can bring to you. The Neptunes & Timbaland instrumental samples. 8 minutes of HQ 10 second wav snippets!
    PW: [iAmDopeBeats]

    Brought to you by Mark, Mars, Maxim, Pappoo, Skletch, & ThatG!

    Any donations towards this goal is greatly welcomed! Skletch can give you an insight on my word. He donated $20, got the FLACs along with the m4as for his phone for playback.

  • Yup. You guys have no idea how huge this project is. Mars has been working his ass off on this and G an everybody have been huge in contributing to get this thing going. Trust me, you're going to love it. Especially those with good earphones and sound systems.

  • Admin

    Yup, these dudes have been working on this for years. I remember them talking about where they had to hunt down some particular rare song on ebay, and paying quite a bit for it.

  • I understand FLAC is the equivalent to Vinyl idk but it's way better than mp3. I've never used it though.

  • Admin

    this project goes way back in 2007, thats how long they've been working on it, and I dont wanna even know how many $$$ they spend collecting this shyt right there !!!

  • Staff

    I don't understand... can you explain this? So you're collecting every neptunes song ever including instrumentals and acapellas? is there stuff we don't have in there? Or is the only different that it's HQ?

    What happens with our donations? what is it going towards? I might be able to help...

  • mars guido! sorry i haven't been as much help in the past year or 2 but u guys know why: life. let me know if theres anything else u need me to rip and i can try to find some time. problem is my turntable, vinyls, and cds are still at my mom's but if u need anything i can try to bring it all to my new place. and i still got your copy of EAF that u had shipped to my house haha. i'll try to get on mirc if u need me for anything

    @Mavis most of the stuff you probably have but trust me they are searching high and low for everything neptunes that exists on vinyl or cd and they are ripping everything HQ. there will be some surprises in the release. not necessarily new songs (maybe?) but definitely some instrumentals and accapellas that weren't previously available..

  • this is awesome, and the samples sound really good

  • damn charles those vinyl rips sound insanely good after u cleaned them up!

  • @Mavis said:

    I don't understand... can you explain this? So you're collecting every neptunes song ever including instrumentals and acapellas? is there stuff we don't have in there? Or is the only different that it's HQ?

    What happens with our donations? what is it going towards? I might be able to help...

    yes some stuff we do have that hasn't leaked. those items can be viewed on our blog. the other point is to provide proper rips that doesn't make your ears cringe. the donations will go towards buying neptunes vinyls we don't have yet so i can make them sound good like pap commented on. compare the listening experience of the samples i provided compared to the instrumentals you have of the same songs. it's a huge difference.

  • So what's the unreleased stuff? Your blog is a little confusing because you have Timbaland and The Neptunes Discography mixed together.

  • So what do we have to do to be able to access to your "vault" so ? give some money ? that's it ?
    Or we cant' have access and it's just to "collect" what the Neptunes & Timbo have produced with the support..
    I'm a bit lost :/
    BTW, I have some interesting vinyls too : if you're interested, I'll be your man to get the collection bigger

  • And I looooooove your site !!!

    I'll tale a look in details of what you have in and what I get give for my contribution; a lil' CD's & MCD and some ++ vinyl I think...

  • im a bit confused too, lol.

  • oh wow the quality is sick. Listening on my shures se535's so crisp! Best quality i ever heard, I heard things in Spot that i never heard before. Also I swear loads of beats on that sample ive never heard

  • the guys can correct me if i'm wrong, but the point of the donations is so they can buy more physical copies of songs in order to make proper HQ rips of them. since the work has been going on for so long, pretty much the only songs left to rip are the ones that are hard to find. the physical copies that contain these rare tracks can be very expensive. those of us involved in this project have easily dropped hundreds of dollars each in order to purchase items. this "vault" of HQ rips will eventually be released to the forum, possibly at the end of the year, or whenever G, Mars, Skletch, etc are comfortable with how 'complete' the discography is.

    admittedly, some will care and be more passionate about this than others, but all you have to do is listen to the samples of the songs that mars posted and compare them to the mp3s you have on your computer. with some good speakers/headphones, the difference will be night and day. that is what your donation will support.

    in case some of you still aren't sold on the idea, let me provide an example. we all probably have the latrelle album or at least some tracks from it on our computer. physical copies of this album are hard to come by so we all probably have the same 192k version rip of it. but G and Mars were able to track down a physical copy (wasn't cheap) and have ripped it into HQ. to some of you this probably doesn't matter. you have a copy of the song that sounds fine to you and you don't care for another. but for others, you will realize you will probably never get your hands on a physical copy of this album and the closest you will ever hear of the cd quality version of the song is through this release of this HQ project. does stuff like this warrant a donation to help them purchase more hard to find items? that's for you to decide..

  • fucking hq.

  • This post is deleted!

  • what's the name of the song for the instrumentals of the neptunes snippets at the 0:50 and 3;50 mark.

  • (In playing order).
    702 - i still love you
    Adam lambert - trespassing
    Alicia keys - how come you don't call me (neptunes remix)
    Babyface - there she goes
    Busta Rhymes - As I come back
    Cuban link - Still Tellin Lies
    Daft punk - harder better faster stronger (neptunes remix)
    Destiny's child - emotions (neptunes remix)
    half a mil - thug ones
    kenna - war in me
    mario - go
    muzalini n maze - thugmania
    nerd - rockstar
    nore - lawwd
    nore - super thug
    philly's most wanted - cross the border (remix)
    robin - wanna love u girl
    T.I. - whats yo name
    usher - i don't know
    yuna - live your live
    britney - slave for you (demo version)
    angie stone - everyday (neptunes remix)
    clipse - blaze of glory
    kelis - spot
    nerd - truth or dare

  • exactly pap! and Mandrakke have you made your list yet?

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