[Request] spanish neptunes songs

  • Whats up guys. Havent been around much lately. Hope all the OGs are doing well! Skletch, mavis, playa, mika ect.

    Anyways ive been dating this spanish girl who is in love with the safari song. so i kinda took that opportunity to explain about the neptunes and production to her. I have showed her a few spanish neptunes songs, and obviously i know all of them, but i am trying to compile a complete list incase there are any that im forgetting about or havent heard in a while.

    Can you guys help me with this favor of shouting out any spanish neptunes songs you can think of in this thread?

    Love you guys and hope everything is well with all of you!

  • Trying to think of less obvious ones, Fresh out the oven has about 4 words of Spanish from Pitbull at the start... Otherwise it's the rest of the songs from him (jealouso, Blanco etc.), the Tito el bambino track, the Tego Calderon track from F&F, gloria Estefan album, mamacita, the shakira tracks, ven aqui mama - I'm sure I'm missing q a few. Come to think of it, a lot of the Spanish tracks they've done have been disproportionately great in the context of the catalogue (mamacita, jealouso, ven a qui mama, fresh out the oven all among my favourites)

  • Madonna - Spanish Lesson

  • Not so much spanish-speaking, but quite a few of their beats had a "spanish" flavor to them.

    Philly's Most Wanted - Cross The Border, Dream Car
    Kap G - Southside, Ai Yi Yi, Icha Gicha
    2 Chainz - Bailan
    Kelis - In The Morning
    Noreaga - I'm A G
    Vanessa Marquez - Friends Are
    Sleepy Brown - Margarita
    The Cool Kids - Summer Jam

  • What up, Jess?! Here's all I can think of:

    Daddy Yankee - Mamacita
    Pitbull - Jealouso
    Tito El Bambino - El Booty
    Pitbull - Bad Girls
    Pitbull - Blanco
    Pitbull - You Slip, She Grip
    Sergio Veneno - Ven Aquí Mama
    Shakira - Did It Again
    Shakira - Good Stuff
    Shakira - Long Time
    Shakira - Why Wait
    David Bisbal - Soñar
    Gloria Estefan - I Can't Believe
    Gloria Estefan - Heat
    Gloria Estefan - Make Me Say Yes
    Gloria Estefan - Miss Little Havana
    Gloria Estefan - Right Away featuring Pharrell
    Gloria Estefan - Say Ay featuring Pharrell
    Gloria Estefan - So Good
    Gloria Estefan - Time Is Ticking
    Gloria Estefan - Wepa
    Kap G - Ay Yi Yi
    2 Chainz - Bailan

  • Would we got it for cheap (intro) and Vato count? & finito by nore

  • Also, the J Balvin version of blurred lines

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