SharkTheBat - At What Price?

  • Hey grindin' fam. It's been a really long time. I've missed you guys, but got really busy. I had been working on an album named Foolish Dreamer. Since June 9, 2014; I had been working on this album. And now, I have completed the album that I produced and made the cover art for. Therefore, I wanted to show you guys what I had been working on. So here it is, I have a single out for the album. I hope you guys like it. Thanks for the listen. And thank you guys for your continued support. Let me know what you think. I'm back home.

    SharkTheBat - At What Price?:

  • Wait you're sharkthebat?? You've been following me on IG for like years lol.

    Song is super dope though, glad to see you back!

  • ugh, can't wait for everyone to hear the record. track 10 is a killer, dude! it's a monster

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