SharkTheBat - Foolish Dreamer

  • 3 fucking years. 3 years, from June 9, 2014 - February 19, 2017 (A bit over 2 years) AND I FINALLY RELEASED MY ALBUM. Anyway, I really put myself into this album. If you fuck with Neptunes, NERD, or Stereolab. You will for sure love this album. I made all the beats, album art, and all that extra shit, There's so many stories that took place during the making of this album. Believe it or not, there was a big time record label asking for the album early (for me to release it with them) and I decided to release it myself anyway. But that's besides the point. This album is ME. Completely ME AND MY MIND. Sadly, I don't have blogs like Elevator Mag and Gorilla vs. Bear fucking with me to get this stuff heard. So if you really connecting with the music or anything. Be a champ and share it; tell people about it. Also, if anyone knows how to get this project all over this website as far as advertising and you feeling this shit. Please do it, it's well appreciated. More music to come soon. I promise. Just don't try rushing me.

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