Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy (2017), [Enjoy Right Now, Today feat. Pharrell (17')]

  • @Tenny said in Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy (2017), [Enjoy Right Now, Today feat. Pharrell (17')]:

    he sat with jerrod to talk bout flowerboy ...sick

    he mentions @Mika's 10 min edit of "smile"

  • @essntl where?

  • @sandow 50:40. The whole interview is good. I would like a playlist of all the songs they talk about.

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    oh dayum !

  • tyler got robbed bruh DAMN so generic. really hoped he would win smh

  • Lol at his outfit

  • There’s no way DAMN. deserved album of the year.
    & I may be wrong, but I feel like Kendrick got the grammy because of his previous work, and Tyler missed out because of his previous work (not because the previous work was bad, (cherrybomb wasn’t amazing, didn’t understand what the fuck he was saying for most of it) but just because it doesn’t fit in the Grammy box)?

  • His fit was fire and Flower Boy got snubbed, oh well.

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    Tyler said “faggot” and some shit about rape all those years ago and for that reason I don’t think he’ll ever win a Grammy for his solo work. Unless it’s as a producer.

    I don’t mean that in a hating way - I just believe a lot of people hold grudges for a long time and can’t get over past outrage.

    Flower Boy should have won this year. Just like how Ego death should have easily won its category last year. Grammys aren’t risqué enough yet.

  • It sucks cuz Tyler wrote and produced the whole album while it seems like they just throwing Kendrick the award because its the smartest decision for their award show

  • @Mavis gotta look at who votes i guess

  • I think this is just a stepping stone. The fact that he's in the convo w/ greats at this point is amazing, nonetheless. Everyone is always on Kendrick's stick extra hard, everything is just so ground breaking to folks when he does something. I respect K Dot and his ability, but the world needs to recognize there is other deep art within rap that exists. He's really the only "mainstream" one not glorifying stereotypical black rapper vibes w/ flaunting and shit -- he's also on a political high w/ the current climate of the nation so, meh. Congrats tho!

    @Mavis I think he'll get one unless he stops making solo stuff after this -- regarding the possible grudges -- why would they even nominate him if something like that exists? Like why put his name in grammy convo if there were forces like that behind the scenes that would potentially prevent him? I agree he will definitely grab a bunch of grammys from videos and production on other songs, easy. -- but unless he stops making music, I think he has a legit chance again. Each album has progressively gotten stronger and stronger to me personally and I feel as his popularity is still spiking charting up, especially with dat fit last night (at the grammys) lol.

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    @matic_touch why nominate? because you can get nominated, longlisted and shortlisted - but you still can’t win unless the majority vote for you.

    I must also add that it’s only my opinion on why he didn’t win. Not fact. It could simply be that people liked Kendrick.

    PS I need to write you an email I haven’t forgotten. Just had no time ❤️

  • @Mavis Oh yeah, I was just curious why he'd get the initial nom if something like that were to hypothetically be in the mix. Props to Kendrick tho, I give him a hard time, but with all that he's done this year, even if it wasn't my fav, he was deserving!

    -- and thanks mane! I know you are as busy as they come g, lol

  • @Sakura I liked DAMN, but Tyler killed it with SFFB. The whole Album is too dope!

  • i wish someone would upload that 10min loop. i need to hear it and cry lol.

  • @essntl that was beautiful

  • Really like the dream-like visuals, I feel like im watching someone's sketched drawings come to life its pretty cool. To be honest the whole album deserves a visual representation, it would be an awesome musical short film or whatever you'd call it.
    This reminds me of moonrise kingdom and life aquatic with the colors

  • Visuals actually kind of blew me away - I kind of got street fighter vibes from some of the colouration and outfits

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