Danja - Spazgasm

  • This is mental. I'm sure he will contribute crazy sounds to JT's new album. He still got it.

    Any Danja fans here? Or am I the only one 😂

  • @lord_willin here in numbers I think...

    A steady trickle of music from him this year, all sounding hot:

    Also 'Famous' on French Montana's new album.

    If you don't already, follow danja on insta - he ocassionally posts live studio sessions (but doesn't save them). Watched one last night with some stuff he was working on for BJ The Chicago Kid and recorded some of it - sounded amazing

  • @superjdoug damn didnt know he did all those so recently. I thought he was kinda taking a rest from music but wow

  • didn't know he did those tracks. its all solid work, and HE DOESNT HAVE A TAG ON THE BEAT

  • #Freeclinik 😰

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    Wish Danja released more stuff - filthy was really good too

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