• Whose going? And from where are you traveling from?

  • Me. I'm traveling from right next to Long Beach lol.

  • I'm thinking of going I'd be coming from Maryland though

  • I'm Definitely going and I'm coming from D.C. There is NO WAY that I'm missing this. I'm almost 100% positive that they're gonna debut some new shit too.

  • I'm about 30mins from Long Beach. I'll def be there for my first NER*D performance!

  • You all fucking jammy basterds you know that? Lol I'm fucking stuck in Manchester! Please share videos, photos, whatever u guys can get out of it!

  • Admin

    Yall should have a mini grindin meetup and take lot of pics

  • Yeah I'm down for that. I am involved with anything digital graphics and screen printing I can make us some grindin' tees and meet before the event and rock them for the performance?

  • @GT01 That would be dope!

  • alright guys we're gonna need either hq video or audio capture of the new song(s) they play!!

  • I couldnt be more jealous right now...

  • This post is deleted!

  • Anyone in the Cali area knows of some cheap hotels near Long Beach

  • Finna be there, trynna be first row to get pics for da forum and site!

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