• Thought of a new topic idea, see where it goes. I'm going to name 5 random Neptunes/and or Pharrell produced tracks and associate a score of 1/10 to them. Get some debates going... or enlighten one another on what we really like. Lets hear your scores and TRY(haha) and keep the topic to these tracks only

    ODB - Pop Shit 7/10 Love the wacky instrumental and the complete insanity of this song. Tho very much a novelty.

    Jay Z - Blue Magic 4/10 Never resonated with me, i remember being completely over this sound in 2009 when the song dropped.

    Kelly Rowland - Feet to the Fire - 8/10 They nailed the fuck out of this one. Such an underrated hook and one of Pharrells best vocal chops

    Snoop Dogg Ft. Gwen Stefani - Run Away 5/10 Completely overrated. While everyone loves the ending Gwen/snoop are all sorts of corny here. Tracks a mess

    Kelis - Suspended 9/10 LOVE. THIS. TRACK. Beautiful instrumentation, the sax and WAKE UP BITCH. Go to sleep listening to this...

    Agree disagree? Lets gooo

  • ODB - Pop Shit 8.5/10 "GUESS WHO'S HOME!" The fuckin siren in the background?? P on the hook??? Y'all already know bout this one though.

    Jay Z - Blue Magic 3/10 I've never liked this joint. Really is Jay and P's worst collab lol

    Kelly Rowland - Feet to the Fire 9/10 The chords...the hi hat pattern...P showing up and killing it...will never understand why this was delegated to just a Target bonus track.

    Snoop Dogg feat. Gwen Stefani - Run Away 6/10 This one has grown on me a lot within the last few weeks tbh. No doubt the weakest track on the album but its sufficiently unique that it's not an instant skip. Shit drones on for a little too long but it's worth it to get to the ending.

    Kelis- Suspended 7/10 There's definitely better songs on Kaleidoscope IMO but this one is great. Evokes some strong space imagery for me.

    I can get down with pretty much all of your ratings.

    Dope thread idea BTW. You just gon start a new list every few responses or...?

  • Always happy when I'm reminded of Feet to the Fire

  • @Hunter Once a week. Keep it fresh.

  • @Matlay dopeee. PLEASE follow thru with it!! cough Hot Labs cough

  • Blue magic scores higher with me. Would say 7 out of 10
    and suspended is 10+ for me. That song is also in my top 5 all time best.

  • ODB - Pop Shit 10/10 Epitome of the Neptunes. This sound is how I got into them. Funny, dope bass, totally left field. Right up my alley.

    Jay Z - Blue Magic 9/10 Neptunes and Jay never disappoint. Song knocks

    Kelly Rowland - Feet to the Fire - 6/10 This is when P's beats all kinda started sounding the same. Like the Leah Labelle stuff. Nothing special. Kinda generic.

    Snoop Dogg Ft. Gwen Stefani - 10/10 Fuckin amazing. Love the funky, groovy Neptunes sound, especially with Snoop. Throwback trippy Neptunes sounds. I just wish the end part was longer!

    Kelis - Suspended 1/10 This is one of those rare instances when I HATE a Neptunes song. I can't fuckin stand the slow paced stuff. This shit is beyond horrible to me and I just can't bare it. It's nails on a chalkboard. It's like a fuckin Disney musical. When I hear music, especially from the Tunes, I want to feel like the song is attacking me and punching me in the face. This shit just makes me want to rip my face off.

  • @Skletch wow that review of suspended had me shook!! Hahaha. I can’t imagine life without that song.

  • Pop shit - 8/10 Neptunes craziness in their prime and ODB on great form. Love the weird sounds and the ad libs (‘hit you with the UNHH’). Clones was so great

    Blue Magic - 9/10 Jay has more than his fair share of near perfect records with the Neptunes. This isn’t their best together but it’s up there, weird, percussion on point, Jay killing it - love this song

    Feet to the fire - 6/10 I actually liked it a lot more at the time, it’s a nice laid back track and I probably should revisit it more. But hearing it now it’s not really hitting me...

    Run Away - 5/10 Overall bush felt a bit one dimensional for me (the sound was almost too cohesive) and though I loved some tracks, this was one that didn’t stand out. Stefani was also corny as hell at this point so I couldn’t even get with that

    Suspended - 7/10 Back when I first bought Kaleidoscope like 15 years ago I hated this song. The melancholy sound of the verses just made me feel depressed and I’d skip before even getting to the chorus. Two things happened since then: 1) I loved Pharrell’s part on Nightmares so much and this is the only other Neps track we get something similar sounding, 2) I realised the chorus is unbelievably beautiful and perfect specimen of the late 90s/early 00s Neptunes sound; and 3) I learned to appreciate the rarity of a sax solo on a Neptunes record

    Thanks for making me listen to these tracks!

  • ODB - 10+ standout off the neptunes present clones... that funny vibe, those drums are amazing.
    Jayz - 9 love those bongos and that moment when P comes in is just impressive.
    Kelly Rowland - 7 - kinda track you like to listen every now and then but nothing special there...
    Snoop Dogg - 10 - Bush is defo one of my fab albums of all time
    Kelis - 7 - only because she did so many better tracks than this one ...

  • @Matlay Lol we probably like way opposite styles of Tunes tracks. Did you know I HATE Provider?

  • ODB - Pop Shit 8/10 this joint goes and always has. so funky, a stand out on that album

    Jay Z - Blue Magic 7/10 i like the simplicity of it and jay and p never fail. love p on this hook but its not a crazy amazing song

    Kelly Rowland - Feet to the Fire - 6/10 its cool but im not big on it.

    Snoop Dogg Ft. Gwen Stefani - Run Away 0/10 song trash never liked this one

    Kelis - Suspended 10/10 this song was my friend in my time of need. we dont get alot of neptunes songs of this caliber, especially not in these post happy days.

  • @Skletch boooo lmao youre like the first person ive heard say that dont like suspended!
    and you hate provider, skletch, dog! my man! lmao

  • @VandG Lol I can't get into the real slow stuff, man, I just can't. I love everything everyone hates and hate everything everyone loves. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of slow, chordy songs I love, but my style has always been the fast paced, drum heavy stuff, especially when it sounds weird or left field. Songs like I Can't Help by Rosco P will always be my top preference as far as Tunes beats.

  • Blue magic really leaves me hallow. I remember the hype for the track pre release was off the charts. Pop shit is such a gem, like that beat really couldn’t go to anyone else. The you sing then I sing Gaga on Run Away has always bothered me. I’ve played that track with friends, girls, family in the whip and it moves NO ONE.

  • I give them all a 10/10 except for run away 7/10

  • @Skletch lol i've caught on to that, fast paced seemed to be more your vibe. all love mane lol

  • Staff

    Pop shit - 3/10
    Sounds corny and boring to me

    Blue magic - 7/10
    I like how subtle, lo-fi and understated the song is

    Feet to the fire - 7/10
    I hated this at first because of the screeching saw synth. But it grew on me a lot

    Suspended - 8/10
    This song is a masterpiece and one of those tracks that really shows off the Neptunes musicianship. The lyrics blow my mind still because I can’t tell if it’s a song about her dying? Or just tripping? Or sleeping? I don’t know. Since learning it was originally made for bjork it also made me appreciate it more

    Run away - 7/10
    It’s just a fun song - nothing more to it than that. I like it.

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