• Back again for a second installment. Lets delve further into the Neptunes/Pharrell Discography and see what ya feel about these

    Clipse - Hello New World 7/10 I think its a very average Clipse track. Hate the spoken word part and some of the lyrics. That rev rev beat is sinister thoooo....

    Gloria Estefan - So Good 8/10 - Catchy and fun. Based my score solely on the instrumental. Had so many layers. My girl used to lapdance me on this shit...

    Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance 4/10 Something about sirens in songs make me meh ...same ol pharrell panting on the beat...rampage? its a skip, so much better stuff

    TI - G Shit 5/10 Had big hopes for this track but didn't stay in my brain long. T.I and watch the duck sounded so forced here, jeezy too. Dont love the beat...

    Latrelle - House Party 9/10 Great nostalgic vibes. Makes me feel a certain way, think latrelle had just as much chemistry with chad and P as Kelis did.

    Remember the rules....keep it to these tracks, and ill see ya next week. STAAAARTTRAAAAKK

  • Clipse - Hello New World 10/10 One of my favorite beats. This song is just nasty.

    Gloria Estefan - So Good 8/10 - This shit makes me feel like I'm in Havana. The horns are so triumphant. The production on this album was so good. No pun intended.

    Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance 10/10 Straight Neptunes banger. Busta's aggressive style is perfect over aggressive Neptunes beats.

    TI - G Shit 10/10 Love this shit. Watch the Duck makes it funky, TI's laid back flow is dope as always and I love the vocal chops and that generic dog bark sound.

    Latrelle - House Party 10/10 Straight fuckin perfection and one of my all-time favorite Neptunes beats. Beats like this is what made me fall in love with the Neptunes. No homo.

  • Clipse - Hello New World 9/10 this is one of my favorite clipse tracks. this song is incredible, I love the beat and the lyrical content.

    Gloria Estefan - So Good 7/10 i admittedly kinda sleep on this song. but i enjoyed this album a lot.

    Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance 10/10 this song is crazy. it definitely sounds like the year 3000 and this was a special time in the neptunes history. this song to me is intense.

    TI - G Shit 6/10 yeah im not a fan of this. i like the groove though, its got a cool bounce but its not my favorite p x ti song.

    Latrelle - House Party 9/10 this song is so dope. the emotion and calmness of this record, classic neptunes. the synth line andthe bridge...like THAT BRIDGE wooooo

  • Clipse - Hello New World 8.5/10 Beat is INSANE, definitely a standout on HHNF. The epitome of hard.

    Gloria Estefan - So Good 2/10 Was never a fan of P and Gloria's collaboration, that album they did only had 1 or 2 good songs to me and this wasn't one of them.

    Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance 6/10 Pretty out there but there's much better Neps and Busta records.

    TI - G Shit 10/10 I was so shook when this dropped. One of the greatest solo P beats honestly. A trillion layers and just GROOVES.

    Latrelle - House Party 10/10 Absolute classic, beat is beautiful, everything about this song is perfect.

  • Clipse - Hello New World 11/10 this is one of my fav clipse songs period

    Gloria Estefan - So Good 8/10 - great instrumental. i just wanna dance to this

    Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance 9/10 i remember when this came out. i was jamming this before ball games to get hype

    TI - G Shit 8/10 watch the duck is so slept on. shit sounds so groovy

    Latrelle - House Party 10/10 never go wrong with classic neotunes

  • Staff

    Hello new world - 10/10
    One of those “how did they make this?” Kind of records

    Call the ambulance - 1 out of 10,000
    One of those “why did they make this!?” Kind of records. There is a really great moment in the MOP remix of this though. That remix elevates it to a 5/10

    So good - 3/10
    So bad

    G shit - 6/10
    Gay shit

    House party 8/10

  • Clipse - Hello New World: 5/10

    Gloria Estefan - So Good: 6/10

    Busta Rhymes - Call The Ambulance: 5/10

    TI - G Shit: 7/10

    Latrelle - House Party: 8/10

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