R.I.P. Leah LaBelle (1986 - 2018), Leah LaBelle - Leah LaBelle (2018)

  • May she Rest In Peace

  • Oh my god, no. I don't know what to say

  • This was such a shock to me, her songs with P were so beautiful and just her energy in general, how she presented herself in interviews, I thought she was the coolest. We really lost another great and it's a shame she was so young

  • So soooo sad

  • Aww rip :(

  • wooooow May they Rest In Peace. I loved Leah LABELLE’s voice and her range. She’s the one initially made me excited about i am Other. I remember getting people hip to her and being excited to her Pharrell produce a legit R&B/pop album for her. I was so pressed to hear previews of her album on the forum. Really sad to hear they both her and husband, Rasual Butler passed. He played for the Washington Wizards here in DC fie a couple of years too.

    Could somebody please re-up all of the Leah Labelle joints even the snippets she had with JD?

  • The fuck 😧 I still can’t process this. Its such sad news...

    RIP Leah 😢

  • bruh this really got me shook

  • So hot is one of my favorite songs ever wow that's crazy rip to her

  • wowwwww. big nba fan and i didn't realize his wife was leah. RIP to both. damn

  • So sad. I had really high hopes for her :(

  • Wtf? Nooo 😔

  • So beautiful and such a beautiful voice :( RIP

  • Man this is unbelievable.. she was awesome, her voice was crazy, fit so perfectly with P's chords. Sad she didn't get the shine she deserved. RIP Leah

  • This broke my heart earlier.

  • Terrible news. Such a loss. Thoughts are with her family and the ‘i am other’ team

  • Damn RIP. That’s horrible news

  • Rip to a dope artist. So hot such a banger. Beautiful talented woman, I'm in shock

  • This is so sad, I just found out. I read the story this morning about her husband and it said he died in a car accident with his wife, didn't know it was her. I saw Pharrell posted on instagram about her but didn't read the caption, just thought he was shouting her out. Horrible.

  • Heartbreaking.

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