Honey taste (Prod by Kevin Morow)

  • https://nippyshare.com/v/05a836

    still working on this 808 shit so if you got any advice please feel free to comment, thanks!

  • Sorry to bother you all but is there any chance I can get some feedback from anyone as I really want to improve! Thanks y'all!

  • Listening quickly I feel the 808 kick/bass is too present in the mix and drowning the strings out. Also the bass melody is pretty straight forward it could be more exciting.

    Bring the strings forward and build around them. Also the bells/chimes are pretty annoying i'd get rid of those completely. I like the drums and percs as they are. Also feeling the string breakdown, feel like i've used that exact progression before ha. Good work man keep grindin'

  • Yeah man the 808s are way too loud and compressed sounding. The strings are really the focal point from what I can hear and need to be brought forward in the mix. Snare is a little dry/boring. Maybe some EQ and reverb on that snare would make it more interesting.

    Dope track though man!

  • Thank you very much guys, I shall re-work a few things then!

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