the neptunes "Loud x clear" drum kit

  • from the estate sale of chad hugo- a cd w/ 95 tracks. kicks, snares, percussion etc. recorded by chad and pharrell. each 10secs

    the writing on the disk was done by chad




    it has some pretty crisp sounds. nothing wild but any producer can appreciate a free drum kit... especially if chad and pharrell picked 'em out for you

    i'm not rubbing this in, i'm far from greedy

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    I has that since 2000

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  • @philliam i would like to check it out

  • I would love to check it out too!

  • would love to check that out

  • love to have it too!

  • this is fucking awesome. great find. I doubt anyone has this.

  • This would be dope to have even just to go through and listen to.

  • You gotta upload this!

  • need asap


  • waiting for this

  • How come we have to wait till Wednesday?

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    mika, the kit from 2001 was just chopped from their songs and didn't contain all of the sounds.

    This is the real raw kit that they used with each sound unique and without mixing/mastering effects or other shit layered on it. This definitely didn't leak. As Philliam said, this has come directly from Chad's estate sale....

    btw Philliam what is an Estate sale and what other stuff was there? I saw someone saying they bought Chads skateboard from his sale too.

  • Estate Sales are public sales, held inside a house, selling all the contents within. Prior to an estate sale, the family is asked to remove all the personal items they would like to keep.

  • should you upload it? lol

  • I have this... you get to hear the famous kicks sounds that were layered to get that old 1998-2001 neptune sound... It is from a break CD. I have them in two sections... It's actually funny. Pharrell said he'd go back to the old Neptune drum sound....He went to the other half of the sound. The Love Bomb drums, and all the Common Universal mind control sounds were on that side. Maybe he just forgot, or chad was handling those samples. Who knows, but it's alot of nostalgia. I think the OP should upload them because If you are not really advanced at sound making, these sounds are pretty useless. None of the Neptunes kicks and snare were from the triton, I was repeatedly telling people on the Neptunes forum years ago, but no one listened. The triton classic came out in 1999, Kelis' album was probably made in 1997/1998. Superthug 1996/1997. Some sounds were from the 01/w but mostly Roland modules. Triton was used for Milkshake percussions, and shake it fast percussions. The Clarinet sound in Holla back Youngn.... The sticks in What happened to that boy were triton.

  • @Ikenna that explains why no tunes drums were in this triton kit i got, just the percussion

  • @philliam thank you!!!

  • Trust me, they used some kicks and snares from the Triton. I used to have one and I'd find a whole bunch of shit in there. They even sampled the drums from the Triton into the ASR 10.

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