Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018)

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    For people who missed the production credits !

    Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018)
    01 - Raindrops (An Angel Cried) (Intro) (Max Martin, Ilya)
    02 - Blazed feat. Pharrell (Pharrell Williams)
    03 - The Light Is Coming feat. Nicki Minaj (Pharrell Williams)
    04 - R.E.M. (Pharrell Williams)
    05 - God Is A Woman (Ilya)
    06 - Sweetener (Pharrell Williams)
    07 - Successful (Pharrell Williams)
    08 - Everytime (Max Martin, Ilya)
    09 - Breathin’ (Ilya)
    10 - No Tears Left To Cry (Max Martin, Ilya)
    11 - Borderline feat. Missy Elliott (Pharrell Williams)
    12 - Better Off (Hit-Boy, Tommy Brown, Brian Malik Baptiste)
    13 - Goodnight N’ Go (Tommy Brown, Charles Anderson, Michael Foster)
    14 - Pete Davidson (Interlude) (Tommy Brown, Charles Anderson)
    15 - Get Well Soon (Pharrell Williams)

  • @Pushamalicious-T Yessur it reminds me of fun fun fun

  • Borderline best song on this album. Beat coupled with Arianas voice is such a dope combo. Fucking love the vibe, reminds me of the cute sexy Vanessa marquez and Natasha ramos era. That synths running through it is such a Neptunes touch. Those cowbells make it even more dope

    Successful is probably my second. Reminds me so much of the vibe of this under appreciated gem..

    Drums are from ushers flash

    Successful sounds like like a mash up of a range of Neptunes sounds over the last two decades. Fucking priceless song for a Neptunes fan. I love the pace switch midway through. Such a thought out piece of music. I think we will see this as a masterpiece in the coming months/years

    REM reminds me of the old star track days with the tinkling xylophone in the background. Sounds out of space/nighttime Neptunes vibe we know so well. Actually sounds a bit like a Tyler song. The drums break down at the end of end of each bar sounds like a few of the songs from goblin or bastard

    Special mention to the "light is coming" this song is fucking wacky as hell. Confused me the same way as when I first heard Mars. Chaotic genius from Pharrell. I guarantee this will grow on everyone. I love the progession of the beat.

    Blazed is a very pleasant "start of the album song". The chords and vibe are so happy.

  • Beats 1 interview:
    Might delete soon considering my internet provider is going crazy on me for posting most this shit

  • Successful took me back to when I was first getting into P/The Neptunes hearing all that crazy ass shit for the first time. that's how it felt to me..

  • Get well soon sounds like scream by Cee lo

  • Critics seem to like the album and the risk she took. Definitely getting better press than Man of the Woods

  • There’s this percussive instrument sitting pretty hidden in the mix on Successful that just sounds like someone dropping something lol. I swear I’m not going crazy, it’s barely audible but it’s just so random and I know I’m not the only one that hears it.

  • tonight I’m a baller babe
    lead the way with me shawty
    what else is there to say boy

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    Ayyyy I love how everyone likes Successful now. It’s definitely the most “produced” P song - it’s structured like a Wanderland song but with updated sounds.

    Ariana should release it as a single, she has enough star power to get away with releasing something left-field and still get radio play. It could become a hit in the same way Work It Out did

    PS does anyone else get the feeling that Ariana would have let P produce the whole album is she could? Listening to the record it feels like the Max Martin/Ilya songs are there as a compromise.

  • @Mavis yeah sounded like it. At the very least I hope this leaves the door open for more on the next album (if the label will let her which is a big if)

  • Heard Successful at a clothing store in London airport Sunday... It sounded awesome in that context. Single worthy for real.

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    That's some old Neptunes sounds I love !!! 💕
    "Blazed" is my favorite. "Get Well Soon" bores me.

  • yep successful bridge is the best since come get it bae. they actually give me the same feeling, they’re pretty similar

  • @cloud-helix said in Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018):

    Heard Successful at a clothing store in London airport Sunday... It sounded awesome in that context. Single worthy for real.

    that sounds like the perfect setting to hear the song lol. the store DJ killing it

  • @Mavis i think she said that in her beats1 interview. the non-pharrell songs are there for the more traditional ariana fans who expect what shes always done. i do hope her and p collab more in the future.

  • Received an 8.1 from Pitchfork and they praised Pharrell's work as the stronger material with "get well soon" being their favorite track.

    Received a 4 out of 5 stars in Rolling Stone

    Both are her highest ratings to date for any album.

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    I give a damn about any ratings, I'm just glad that we're living in 2018 and we're still getting 6/8 tracks per album by Skateboard P

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cloud-helix said in Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018):

    Heard Successful at a clothing store in London airport Sunday... It sounded awesome in that context. Single worthy for real.

    Agree on dope context. Would be cool music for a runway show too

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