Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018)

  • @Playahater I can see that but for me personally this album is really boring if you take away those Pharrell songs.

  • @Pushamalicious-T obviously you’ll say that, Pharrell is probably your favourite artist

    I personally disagree. I think the fact that the only songs that charted are not produced by Pharrell demonstrates that those songs are what most people find to be the LEAST boring.

    People listen to what they like.

    You can see on Apple Music, the top streamed songs on the album. They ain’t the P songs.

    Pharrell beats don’t change. There’s no highs and lows. They are essentially loops that wax and wane throughout the song. There’s no climax. No subtlety. Just a riff that repeats with some corny 2013 era percussion. Complete with some pitched 808 that P’s been adding in the last 5 years to contemporarize his sound

  • "God is a woman" is a beast!...but tbh I haven't really listened to the other non-pharrell produced songs, nor do I care to, I didn't really listen to her before she linked up with p (with the exception of the joint she did with lil' wayne) though I have always admired her vocal skills...

    I just enjoy the pharrell produced songs too much to even bother, but GIAW is the exception and it stays in rotation with the 7 p-produced tracks....yeah I know I'm a

  • Staff

    @Playahater god is a woman is a perfect pop song, and it’s no where near as big as it deserves to be

  • @darrenlaking

    So you really liked the ONE non-Pharrell song you heard.....

    And you think that was just a lucky coincidence?


  • @Playahater

    Nah bruh...I "heard" the others, but haven't "listened" to them...they didn't really grab my attention like "God Is A Woman"...

    I'm not really into the mainstream pop stuff like that, like I said I only listened to this project because of P, but nonetheless I do love her vocals...

    The closest to female mainstream pop that I listen to currently is P!nk and Alessia Cara

    Otherwise it's Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B, and The Neptunes for me...(yeah I think Chad & P are their own genre)

  • @Playahater I agree, people definitely like the non-p tracks much more, as they sound more in line with what gets streamed the most on iTunes/Apple Music. My only question is why go to Pharrell if you want something that sounds palatable to most audiences? When an artist goes in with Pharrell it’s usually bc they think he can cook something up for them that sounds unconventional but still end up becoming a hit. Is it a risk? Sure but as a listener there’s no complaints from me. And of course I’m gonna be a little biased when it comes to P, we’re having this convo on a Neptune’s fan message board lol

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