Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018)

  • @Playahater Well I digress lol.

  • He might be on the follow up too now.

  • I hope not, but just because I hate her fanbase

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    @bigmac2098 said in Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018):

    He might be on the follow up too now.

    I hope P is on it, alongside Chad. And I hope they do just 1 song on the whole thing. They shine when it’s like that.

  • @bigmac2098 said in Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018):

    He might be on the follow up too now.

    I wonder about all the track that didn't make it that were fire. This is good news, though.

  • The track listing for the new album is out. Anyone have any guesses about which are produced by Pharrell?

  • Obvious guess would be NASA but maybe too obvious. In my head and bad idea but only because they’re already Neptunes songs 🥴. Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s only max 1 or 2, if any? Quite excited for this album either way tho

  • So we didn't get any P tracks in the new album :(

  • Lol I am happy with Sweetner, I felt we were too spoiled with that to begin with

  • this is really fucking upsetting if she really gave into what her 12 year old fans were saying about Pharrell and just ditched him

  • LOL the album Pharrell made for her was so bad her label said she had to go make another one to redeem her career. Of course there’s gonna be no P songs on this album.

    Honestly Sweetener should just be an EP with God is a Woman, Breathin, No Tears Left to Cry and Everytime.

    JT would have done the same thing if that song he put out in the summer became successful

  • @whevesy dude you can’t get upset at the natural order of things. Pharrell isn’t in sync with what the people want anymore. Why would Ariana want to invite that kind of backlash from her fans ?

  • @Playahater as much as i love disagreeing with u, i gotta say ur not wrong on this one. sweetener came out in august.. how many huge pop stars come out with an album 7 months after their last one? it all seemed very rushed to me, and i def got the sense that the label was pushing her to put out a 100% generic sounding pop album to make up for the last one. and ur not wrong about jt too. man of the woods came out in feb last year and soulmate came out in july, 5 months later. 90% of artists are still promoting singles from their album 5 months after it drops. luckily that single flopped, but ur probably right that if it had any amount of success we'd probably have another jt album by now. i hate the truths that u are speaking but they can't be denied at this point.

    1. look @ audience intelligence level
    2. label owners want their MONEY back ASAP. That is all they are focused on. They have nothing to do with the core of the arts and musical genius. While P isn't that type of producer who would be chasing papers, devaluing his unique conscious approach for melodies, lyrics, and beat pattern production in order to sell well and fit the vast majority of today's audience ear. He isn't about that.
      He is about interesting structures of the chord progressions, which describe and transfer the feeling, keeping you focused, he is about to do something more than regular producers do to their music when working with people and giving them beats away, he is about the conjunction of the vocalist with the melodies, he is about punctuation, he is about the unique sophisticated feeling of balancing the bars at the end of a day.. And it wasn't always pure like that.. But P really has changed into a deeper personality.

    (i realize that I'm spending my time focusing my attention on explaining this..) i hope somebody can see what i see, and maybe even more.

    The message to be delivered through the music and lyrics first and foremost that's what important!! But the recipients are sleeping.

    Meanwhile, the audience is ready to listen to those infant 4 chords melodies per song. The rest is probably overwhelming for their brains. They just don't perceive such music. Someone would say it is the matter of a taste and stuff like that.. Well alright... :D

  • lol, the new album has nothing to do with pharrell's production on sweetener...the album was a critical and commercial success and pharrell is nominated for a Grammy for the production on the album (as well as other productions, i.e MOTW, The Carters, Migos and N.E.R.D).

    Ariana simply uses music as therapy to help her through tough times, just as sweetener helped her through the Manchester attacks and her break-up with Mac Miller, this new album is in response to her break-up with Pete Davidson and the death of Mac Miller.

    Ariana is one of the few artists who has entire creative control over her projects and can release an album anytime she pleases, plus she has been seen in the studio with Pharrell recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if P shows up on a future project.

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but to say the reason that she released a new album because some of her fans was not happy with Pharrell's work on sweetner is just plain's obvious she was very happy with sweetener and Pharrell's work on it.

  • @Andrew it’s amazing that you, an adult associate intelligence with musical taste. Listen to the production on Successful and Light is Coming vs literally anything on thank u, next album. The production on her new album is so perfect and intricate. There’s so much going on. Same with the Max Martin stuff on Sweetener. These songs actually invoke FEELING. Pharrells songs don’t - If they did they’d chart well.

    I don’t know where this notion came from that “Pharrells song are so genius hurrrr durrr”
    In reality the production on this new album as well as the non-Pharrell production on Sweetener is so complex and layered. So many highs and lows and subtleties. It is literally the definition of “genius” if you wanna use that term colloquially.

    The Light is Coming and all the other Pharrell trash off of Sweetener is pretty basic one dimensional stuff man.

    That’s why she felt compelled to make another album like literally 4 months after.

    Pharrell is poison to pop artists in the current day and age. Look what he did to JT with Man of the Woods. I went to his concert a few days back and he performed one song off Man of the Woods and it was Say Something.

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    I agree that Ariana uses music as therapy lately, but it’s also true that this new album was rush-released as damage control. This album was semi-planned since before sweetener came out. Thank U Next was written before she even met Pete Davidson.

    Anyway, this new record is great! I’m impressed, it’s a nice lil experimental pop album

  • Oh yea I should also mention I listened to this album top to bottom this morning and it’s probably her best album to date.

  • @Mavis said in Ariana Grande - Sweetener (2018):
    Thank U Next was written before she even met Pete Davidson.

    How?....she clearly mentions him in the song, and it's common knowledge that they knew each other long before they started dating

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    @darrenlaking sorry I meant since before she split with Pete. And she changed one lyric. I been reading her Stan twitter replies occasionally and they been talking about that song since before it even came out and they know all the backstory behind it

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