fun, fun, fun, my life, and prettiest girls

  • do these songs mean a lot to anyone? Do they make any of you cry? can one of you remake fun fun fun. That guitar man

  • fun fun fun is tha shizzle!

  • Nah all great songs but the one that makes me emotional is Rockets Theme

  • Staff

    Rockets Theme is so good, especially the bridge

  • maaaan the first Despicable Me Soundtrack is so fucking good! but Rocket's Theme, My Life and FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN I wanna GO!!!

  • fun fun fun my favorite

  • Just A Cloud Awayyyyy

  • Those three songs are amazing. Prettiest Girls especially!

  • Unicorns I love them!! Unicorns I love them!! 🦄

  • yo! add just a cloud a way to that list, and by far -- those are some of the most moving tracks out of the entire Pharrell discography. I tear up when I hear those joints, I think it's due to the songs being made intentionally for children's ears, and it's something so melodic and soothing and almost lullaby-like on lyrics like "well I'm still a tiger.. and the jungle's still my hoommeee"

    real talk, i'm glad u made this thread, those tracks are super special to me!!

  • Yo! We can’t forget Scream

  • I love scream as well. I wish pharrell sang it though. David Bisbals version of my life sounds so much clearer. I hate how he tries to hit those notes though. That last minute though with that bent synth holy shit that's like the smoothest part of any song i've heard in my life. My life is top 5 pharrell tracks and fun fun fun

  • YES, Im still a teenager so I saw despicable me as a kid the day it came out and had no fucking idea who Pharrell was but I just remember the only thing I took away from that movie was just the music in it. I got the blue ray and dvd to it that Christmas and I was hooked on skipping to the amusement park chapter just to hear fun fun fun

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