I Hate When I See

  • Someone try to call out a musician I like... In this instance being Pharrell without having all of their facts. I saw a tweet where the person was trying to say that he doesn't give back to his local community yet he has the FromOneHandToAnother foundation that does summer camps and other educational programs for youth and kids related to STEAM/STEM in Virginia Beach... and there's this whole project that he's been backing:

    I wanted to reply to the persons tweet but at the same time didn't want to embarrass them lol!

    ![alt text](image url)

  • @ashersmonet

    Make sure to call them out and embarrass them.

    See, morons have always existed. But nowadays morons have a giant platform where they can speak just as loud (usually louder) as reasonable, thoughtful folks.

    So it’s almost crucial that they get put in their place and embarrassed on a public platform like Twitter or Instagram.

    These people thrive off public anonymous approval via likes and retweets, so give them the exact opposite.

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