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  • What's goodness, fellas? How are you guys doing? I'm greatness. Boy, do I not feel like it though. I've been sitting here the past hour trying to write songs and I just can't seem to come up with words. I have this habit of wanting to write songs, but I will usually write a synopsis first. Afterwards, I usually write the song. But this case is different. How, you say? Well, I know of certain things that I want to write about. But now, when I listen to the beats I'm writing to, I just seem to want to write something that has nothing to do with the topics I choose. And I get it, music is entertainment. But damn, do I hate when people write about things that aren't true or they truly can not relate to what their writing. I enjoy writing what's real to me, you know? I'm not sure if this is writers block or if this is just the sum of what happens when you do not read often outside of common communication. Anyone has any advice? Post it. We are all here to help. And I'm damn sure I'm not the only one whose going through this. Keep thriving Grindin' Fam.

    • Sideshow Bob

  • @Sideshow-Bob random suggestion but.. I’m in pretty dire need of a creative outlet at the minute, I’d be happy to throw some beats together for you to just experiment on tbh

  • @superjdoug Pm me some of your work.

  • @Sideshow-Bob when i have a block i mumble and hum melodies over beats and then try to formulate words.

  • Well, imo it's better to not force any of your creativity. The best ideas usually just come out of nowhere at the right time. Sometimes it's best to step away from the project for a little bit too. When I have a creative block I usually take a long walk or go for a run to get rid of the cloudiness in my brain. Even washing dishes helps me! It's something about the water that helps with creativity. I know Pharrell has talked about getting ideas while in the shower in certain interviews. Sensory deprivation I think he said. It may take a couple times before any ideas happen but those usually work for me.

  • I struggle with getting into the 'space' of creating via procrastination. When I'm actually mentally locked in, I feel that I'm all the way locked and my flow of creativity can't be stopped. My suggestions would be to limit distractions as much as possible -- set the setting for yourself. It may sound funny, but I burn Sage, smoke, make sure I've eaten and then get down to business with all my distractions eliminated as much as possible. As far as writing itself, I write a couple different ways -- if I have the beat already, I typically mumble rap or mumble melody throughout the track on repeat, or maybe loop the chorus. If anything I say during the mumbling of the verses/ chorus that's "dope" or sticks, I write it down immediately.

    There's a unique approach to everything, especially if you already have a "pre-topic" for whatever beat you're working on. At times it can feel like you're in a box and can only dance around a subject matter only so far. So, again my suggestion would be to eliminate all distractions, prepare your setting, and try to find melodies or bars by jibberish/ mumbling throughout whatever parts you are working on - or if you have another song or project you're working on and you're really stuck, just move on and come back to it. Hope this helps

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