Funeral For X

  • Made this in honor of him

  • What’s the consensus on this forum about X?

    Sad to see him take his last breaths on camera. Extremely surreal.

    I liked a few of his songs that I’d hear on Apple Music charts. I had SAD and Jocelyn Flores on a couple playlists from the past year.

    This kid was pretty creative and versatile but lived a fucking idiotic life and all that shit catches up to you. This guy raped his pregnant gf with a BBQ fork or some shit.

  • @Playahater really like a lot of his music, disgusted by a lot of what I’ve heard he’s been accused of. Just so difficult to reconcile some actually quite beautiful, vulnerable music (despite often dark subject matter) with such a screwed up, tormented soul who by all accounts had a lot of pain inflicted on him and in turn him on others. By many accounts he was trying to better himself and seek redemption through music. For me personally my immediate reaction today was shock and sadness on hearing of his passing

  • Personally, I don't and never supported anything he did. He's pure evil. Or at least he was.

  • Wow I never heard of this guy tbh....

  • My thoughts are pretty much in line with yours @Playahater .

    A horrible young man who deserved punishment for his atrocious crimes but no one deserves to be murdered.

    I'm disturbed by how many people I saw that were so eager to celebrate a murder. Gross.

    Some of his music, particularly the two tracks you mentioned and the one below was really good.

  • never heard a single song of his but yeah judging by what i heard about his abuse of others i'd say he had it coming

  • He was 20 years old, man. He didn't deserve to go out like that regardless of his past. I never got into his music. It wasn't for me.

  • Staff

    Pat from the internet played me igotplentydicktoshare in the studio some time last year and that song is a banger, one of the craziest most energetic songs I’ve heard in years. I didn’t really go beyond that point and listen to his other tracks, but that particular song got heavy rotation from me.

    Sad that he was shot and killed and even sadder that people filmed it and photographed it and shared on social media without even trying to help him. That’s fucked up.

    As far as his personal stuff - yeah it seems like he was a dick in the past. But I also believe that people can change and that we should never hold grudges against strangers. So I have no opinion of him in that way.

    People are actively trying to make out he deserved to die. That’s sad. Especially when this was a robbery gone wrong. It’s not like he did something bad and then this was the direct result. No he was just shopping. So I find the whole thing disturbing two fold - 1 that someone was killed. 2: that we live in a world where “cancelling” someone even extends to celebrating their death. Social media’s really breading extremists out there.

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