DMV Rapper Rico Nasty sampled Nore's Superthug

  • So there's a rapper by the name of Rico Nasty from the DMV who has this really energetic feel to her music. To me it often sounds like glitter trap and punk rap. Her Atlantic Records debut featured this song on it called, "Countin Up" that either samples and interpolates Nore's "Super Thug". I think the sample was perfect for her. She typically rhymes over these high energy beats and I often find myself thinking that she could've actually rapped over Neptunes' harder beats that they gave to Kelis. I would like to hear Rico back by a band to take her performance to another level on some rock shit. Let me know what y'all think.

  • i listened to her tape a few days ago and Countin' Up easily was one of my favorite songs

    hot take: i like the way she did Superthug hook more because it's not as annoying.

  • @YoungCarter

    Yeaaah I think she really killed the on that song. I expect to hear it his entire Summer. I hope she continues to evolve as an artist. Especially being from my region. I’d love to see her go the distance.

  • Ayye I was raised in the DMV, this is a good look

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