Do you think Instant Gratification would have been better than Nothing?

  • If the album were kept intact?

  • I think YES! I remember Shae saying they were very very very dope songs.

  • Not better, not worse, but just as dope. Too bad we'll never get to hear it.

  • Still want Radio or even Show Me Some Love more than Hide

  • Somebody will have to remind me what songs were meant to be on it, or what songs they've now become like the Kendrick joint.

    Anyway, I actually think an album with Rhea all over it might have been..... okay?

    Don't hurt me guys. I'm sorry.

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    LMAO @ "I'm sorry"

  • I'm not sure, the whole idea of Rhea being part of the group was really dumb to me, as far as how it would sound, idk..... we can assume that it would have been better seeing as how Nothing was sort of rushed but we'll never know for sure.

  • I thought about this the other day and I couldn't help but see what you guys thought. I've like most of the tracks that were were ment for IG. I think some of the songs from Nothing could have been replaced with IG tracks in the long run.

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  • I love Nothing

  • From the very few tracks we heard it sounded like it was going to be promising, "Radio WTF" and "Show me some love" I still listen to on youtube today, They should use those songs still in my opinion on the next record, or most of what we didnt get

  • I still wanna hear the studio versions of radio wtf. soldier got me excited for that

  • don't yall think it's strange how that happened tho? Imagine doing nearly an entire album and being like........"I don't like that".....sound like something Prince would do...

  • mann "Show Me Some Love "smh" that joint was too crazzy. Especially when the hook comes in with the mean ass Guitar riff. "GET. THE. FUCK. UP" It was sooo hype. lol I tried to remake the beat and it end up inspiring a song the Niko did. Watching this vid used to get me so hype for IG:

  • when i go back and listen to Nothing, its actually an okay album, the problem is that it's an NERD album and so we expect like a major audio cranium explosion experience type of music, but most of the tracks on Nothing dont really stand out so it's kind of a blur compared to the other albums...
    idk, i made it sound really important even though i dont think it is

  • hell nah, dude both of those songs are so ass. that Radio and that SHow Me Some Love it so ass man. ive heard some other random stuff too and dude im telling you that shit is ass as fuck. i fuck with nothing other than "nothing on you" and "i wanna jam" fuck those songs. but dead ass these songs sounds so nasty haha, like legit. and i feel you mars, i feel you! "help me, inside of clouds, life as a fish and hypnotize you" were the only real ones that stood out and the best ones to me at least

  • ^hahhaa agreed. Even though a lot of people on here liked it, I thought Soldier/Popcorn was fuckin horrible as well.

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    Instant Gratification would have sucked based on Pharrell's description of it being based on "808's and heavy guitars"

  • instant grat would've sounded like pharrell getting assfucked by jimmy iovine.

    so nah

  • 808's and distorted guitars? hahahaha fucking really?

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