Drake - Scorpion (2018)

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    01 - Survival (No I.D., Noah '40'Shebib)
    02 - Nonstop (Tay Keith, No I.D., Noel)
    03 - Elevate (Nonstop Da Hitman, PARTYNEXTDOOR)
    04 - Emotionless (No I.D., Noah '40' Shebib)
    05 - God’s Plan (Boi-1da, Cardo & Young Exclusive, Noah '40' Shebib)
    06 - I’m Upset (Oogie Mane)
    07 - 8 Out Of 10 (Boi-1da, Jahan Sweet, OB)
    08 - Mob Ties (Boi-1da, Allen Ritter)
    09 - Can’t Take A Joke (ModMaxx)
    10 - Sandra’s Rose (DJ Premier, Maneesh)
    11 - Talk Up feat. Jay-Z & Baka Not Nice (DJ Paul)
    12 - Is There More (Wallis Lane, Preme)
    13 - Peak (Noah '40' Shebib)
    14 - Summer Games (Noah '40' Shebib, No I.D.)
    15 - Jaded feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Noel)
    16 - Nice For What feat. Big Freedia, 5thWard Weebie & Glenishe Rowe (Murda Beatz, Blaqnmild, Noah '40' Shebib, Corey Litwin)
    17 - Finesse feat. James Fauntelroy (Noel)
    18 - Ratchet Happy Birthday feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR (Boi-1da, Jahaan Sweet, D10)
    19 - That’s How You Feel feat. Nicki Minaj & DJ Boof (Noel)
    20 - Blue Tint feat. Future (Supah Mario, IllMind)
    21 - In My Feelings feat. Lil' Wayne, Magnolia Shorty & City Girls (TrapMoneyBenny, BlaqnMild, Noah '40' Shebib)
    22 - Don’t Matter To Me feat. Michael Jackson (Noah '40' Shebib, Nineteen85)
    23 - After Dark feat. Static Major, Ty Dolla $ign & Al Wood (Static Major & Noah '40”' Shebib)
    24 - Final Fantasy feat. Daniel Daley (Boi-1da, Noah '40' Shebib, Jahaan Sweet)
    25 - March 14 feat. James Fauntelroy (T-Minus, Josh Valle)

    This dropped at midnight. It's a double album. Side A is Drake's usual triumphant rap songs (amazing and Side B is some moody R&B shit.

    For people on this forum that don't regularly fuck with Drake just know that it has no Neptunes production. He does not diss Pusha T, but he addresses the Push situation on a couple songs. A bar that I remember regarding the matter says "A wise man once said nothing". He doesn't want Push's smoke. As for the baby rumours - Push was correct. This dude has a baby - and he addresses that too

    Any who, I reallllly fuck with Side A. The production is amazing. If you like music to pump you up, Side A is definitely for you. Every song on that Side is fire to me.

    Side B was whatever for me. Reminds me of Take Care. Lots of slow, moody stuff. For you young dudes on this forum going through heart break, and failing with women this Side is for you. I'm past that point in life so this Side doesn't resonate with me at all.

    Over all, I'm going to have to let it play for a few more weeks to know where it sits in Drake's discography. Other than the radio singles he's already released, there aren't any songs on here that scream radio. (When More Life dropped we all knew Passionfruit was going to be a radio smash).

    What are your guys' thoughts?

  • I read on twitter that Drake had two Songs with Pharrell but scrapped them because of Pusha

  • I've played it once. He's biting the New Orleans and the Memphis sounds. Most of the songs feel uninspired. I don't like what he did with the Michael Jackson and the Static Major material. The line about his son makes no sense at all.

  • @Playahater hahahahaha! "For young dudes...failing with women."

  • This one felt rushed. Way too long and uninspired. The song with Hov is such a disappointment and uses one of the worst snares I’ve ever heard. With that said the only joints I like are

    Mob Ties
    In My feelings
    Ratchet Happy Birthday

  • @Pushamalicious-T

    That last Hov bar was COLD

    “Y’all killed X but let Zimmerman live. The streets is done” 😵

    Talk Up ft Jay is top 5 on this album for me. The chanting throughout the beat reminds me of Scar’s song in Lion King.

    I agree. Seems like he went back and redid this album after the whole Pusha T thing. Does sound uninspired and basic so far

  • @Playahater Yeah that’s exactly what I’m thinking. I just wish he cared less about answering hate and making sure his image is intact instead of just making the album he wants to make.

  • Sandra's Rose and Talk Up were straight. Rest went to the recycle bin. Time for this cat to bow out gracefully and pursue acting full-time.

  • ‪Off the initial listen I throughly enjoyed Side B of Scorpion over the first half. EASY.‬ The production and songs were better. I dont really resonate with Drake as a listener so that wasn’t in my equation at all. I DJ here and there these days and I found myself grabbing more songs off the second half than the first. I also feel like Drake’s core fans will gravitate towards the second half as well.


    Not here for two discs of Drake, life’s too short man lol

  • Blue Tint really only joint I jam to. Everything else is kinda mehh to me. I think the album is way too long.

    Someone on twitter said that it kinda mirrors blueprint 2 where there are good songs but it’s just stuffed and there’s no cohesion within the records making it seem as if there were just leftover songs added in.

    I would definitely agree with that sentiment.
    At this point Ima kinda like, okay, what else more do we need to hear from this kid?

  • just so boring listening through 25 songs that are so half assed.

  • I condensed to 7 tracks and I’m liking this as a playlist:

    1. 8 out of 10
    2. Jaded
    3. Peak
    4. Blue Tint
    5. Survival
    6. Nonstop
    7. Mob Ties
      Gods Plan (bonus)

    They should have done much more with that Michael vocal and Jay-Z feature is really weak imo (beat nice otherwise). Summer Games might be a hit, but I just hear Dakota by Sterophonics when I listen

  • meh, idk the first half is cool. but summer games might be the worse drake song and maybe the worse song i've heard this year. i liked more life more than this

  • @VandG lol man I could barely get through More Life

  • wut i actually liked More Life, he sounded like he had fun on that at least

  • Lol I was dating this chick at the time and I listened to More Life with her in the AM. I didn’t like it. Couple days later she told me to give it another shot and I did. It was still a no for me. I knew then that she wasn’t the one for me lmao.

  • @ReggieVolume LOL

    On the real tho More Life is called a Playlist for that reason. There’s stuff on there for everyone no matter your mood or taste. It’s not meant to be listened to from start to finish like that

  • im so grateful for kanye.

  • Drake needs to learn about quality over quantity

  • @UAJ11 said in Drake - Scorpion (2018):

    Drake needs to learn about quality over quantity

    He's only going for streaming numbers so he's on top of the charts

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