DJ Qbert -Ascender (Agartha) Feat. Chad Hugo & Tipsy

  • Dope, thanks

  • what is chad doing? seriously? can we get some Neptunes bangers please? He went from being one of the most sought out producers to putting crap like this out. I'm not wasting my time listening to anything else with chads name attached to it smdh

  • I like it, but I'd agree, for someone who is so frequently lauded as a genius (and in my opinion, based on past performance, rightly so) he does come out with an awful lot of underwhelming stuff, and at this stage in his career runs the risk of falling short of his potential. Listening to this stuff is similar to watching a 'top' footballer perform below par at the world cup - literally, listening to this is the audio equivalent of watching Wayne Rooney

  • @Dark-Moonlight i kinda agree, but at the same time he always said he didn't care about the fame, and his recent stuff definitely proves it. pharrell obviously still holds him in high regard so i think it would be so easy for chad to hop back on the neptunes train if he wanted to but i just think he's not interested. respectable i guess, but insanely frustrating for fans of the neptunes.

    and @superjdoug i like the sports analogy. before i read it i was literally gonna post that his recent music is like barry bonds coming up to the plate and squaring around to bunt every at bat. we know how great chad could be. he just doesn't give a fuck lol. maybe fame has emotionally scarred him after it ended up ruining his first marriage?

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    The thing is, Chad doesn't give a fuck about what any of you think. And rightly so. He's a millionaire doing what he wants plus Chad's only a feature on this, he probably did those harp synths and the weird flourishes, so it's not like he made the whole song or it's one of his songs. Q-bert is the guy responsible.

    Also he was part of my favourite song of the last 12 months (Don'tcha) so that's enough for me to know he's still got it.

  • Sorry for the rant lol I just find it extremely frustrating when i know what he is capable of. It just makes me really not like him as a person/artist. I agree with you about Dontcha but that's just another reason this shit pisses me off. At least we still have Pharrell i guess lol

  • @Mavis that's very true, and given that you've spoken to him and really got to know him a few times, I understand the response. Its admittedly purely a selfish frustration, for me personally, that I'd really just like more from him, because I hold him in the highest regard. I get the same frustration with Danja as a producer, someone who has crafted some of my favourite records of all time, and now just pedals the most unbelievably average stuff. & yes, Dont'cha was one of my favourites from last year too

  • I think I might just be the weird guy on the forum, but lately I love Chad's stuff better than P's. This track is amazing while G I R L was alright

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    Do you guys remember when in the midst of all the neptunes success Chad was working with Bryan Zentz? Nobody accused him of falling off then. Same should apply here

    doug i understand what you mean i guess i have the benefit of having heard some stuff that he's working on so that changes my perspective. Is danja still going? i didn't even realise

  • @Mavis hmm maybe I need my perspective changing too, so next time Chad's in LDN... lol. Yeah, Danja is still going, just about... but he just had a custom studio built I think, so there may be something new on the horizon....

  • Download link please ?

  • Can someone post a download link? Thanks!

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