Scott Storch: Still Storch Documentary (2018)

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    There are few music careers like that of Scott Storch. The esteemed producer-songwriter made his initial mark in Philly as a key member of the Roots. A great start, but just the beginning of a wild ride to the top. Storch’s way with crafting hooks and shaping melodies, as well as his knack of being in the right place at the right time, brought him to Cali, where the inspired keyboardist began shaping the sound of pop, hip-hop and R&B, working with an array of artists that stretch from Dr. Dre and Beyoncé to 50 Cent Christina Aguilera.

    The hits rolled in, the money stacked up, and creativity exploded. A big chunk of the 2000’s best music has Storch’s name on it. Then, through a string of drug troubles and monetary woes, he dropped out of sight for decade. It was the music’s loss. Now he’s back in action, and our intimate profile ‘Still Storch’ paints a portrait of a man who’s seen it all and is still cranking out great tracks. These days his studio hosts artists such as French Montana, Chris Brown, A$AP Ferg as well as talented newcomers like Kyle and Thutmose. A victory come-back. For hip-hop fans, ‘Still Storch’ is a must-see mini-doc, an extended look at talent, addiction, and an unyielding passion for artistry. Directed by Rollo Jackson.

  • Imagine just being able to sit down and play the riff for Still Dre off the top of your head, Scott is so dope, glad to see him doing well and making music again.

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    I want to watch this but at the same time I don’t think Scott storch’s music has aged that well, so I don’t feel compelled.

    He’s an amazing session musician when working in conjunction with others (Timbaland and Dre especially), I think that’s where he shines best. As a producer - meh

  • Such an interesting video, scott is still very talented and has to be given some credits as he is a self taught pianist... not a lotta people can pull that off imo

  • lil Wayne- make it rain. Best Scott storch beat ever

  • I’m really excited to watch this. Scott Storch at one point was considered to be a “super producer” amongst the other producers.

  • "I'm a real producer and you just a piano man" -Timbaland

    Dope video

  • if you need a reminder, dude had some heat. nore, mariah carey, all 3 beyonce singles from her first album, lean back was HUGE. him getting all that money at the time was no fluke lol

  • @Mavis I disagree let me love you is still very much played run it is one of Chris browns biggest hits and I can go on bro u can't tell that this Nigga music didn't age well

  • I never really paid much attention to Scott Storch but after watching this I have a whole new respect for him. He really does come up with some great melodies...

  • His problem now is that hees Burt out from the millions of dollars of cocaine and crack that hees done. You can see the difference when you watch old videos of him vs videos of him now. The drugs really weren’t too kind to him.

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