My experiences with n.e.r.d this year

  • If any of you guys went to go see nerd this year, or been watching YouTube , you will know p has been bring up fans to rock up with him. I got to go up on stage at powerhouse 106, which was like probably the best moment of my life, even if the crowd was wack as fuck. But I recently went to kaaboo Del Mar to see them again and I kept trying to open up a mosh pit but people didn’t wanna get in it , but Pharrell saw that and he told the crowd, you better open that up if you want me to to come inside, and we opened it up and Pharrell was doing killjoy right in front of me in the pit! Shay even joined and was jumping up and down with his arm around my shoulder. He saw how I was hyping up the crowd and I think he remembered me from powerhouse because he sort of saluted me as he went back on stage. Unbelievable. These concerts have both been some of the best moments of my life, especially kaaboo because the crowd actually felt like moving or looking away from there phone.i can describe to you how amazing this was to me. Then when I came home, Pharrell LIKED MY PHOTO AND FOLLOWED ME ON INSTAGRAM! I thought I was gonna wake up from my dream haha!!,rS2fcph,ClqFzxy

  • Jammy basterd, must have been quite an experience mate!

  • @KevinMorow for fucking sure!

  • @luke.klaas i was at the powerhouse show, so many people were lost but it was literally all i waited for all day lol.

  • Staff

    It’s dope you got to have a memorable experience and a summer to remember 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I love how this tour is really paying service to the fans ❤️❤️

  • Admin

    @luke.klaas that is pretty buddy, thanks for sharing !

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