Neptunes songs in differnt signatures ?

  • I cant think of anything, like everythings 4/4 but i feel like there has to be a song in a differnt time signature

  • T.i. paperwork

  • Sex 4 Sugar. Don’t know if it’s actually a different time signature but it feels like one

  • @Playahater ur trippin, thats regular timing haha


  • @cloud-helix @BabyMilo thanks, i rlly i feel like a fucking idiot for never noticing these were in different signatures, now i think theres gotta be some more i skimmed through without noticing

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    A lot of early Kelis stuff. Cocaina. Switch It up. Light ‘Em Up. I’ve seen the light. Even ‘Slave 4 U’ fucks with the time signature throughout the song Edit: oh wait someone already said switch it up.

  • 4x4 - Miley*
    Here inside - Alana Davis*
    Our father - Pharrell*
    Freak me slow - Kelis
    Kites - nerd

    These are all in 4/4 but in the first three songs It’s like the verse, chorus and bridge transitions are short a bar or have an extra one. Freak me slow is a 6 bar loop.
    Kites is 3/4 swing count (triplet) and 4/4 at he same time.

  • Kap G - Cocaina Shawty

  • Preservation

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    My ear and mind is trash when it comes to time sigs on Neptune’s songs because I really can’t catch where the beat starts sometimes - and it’s like sometimes the counter melodies are on a totally different rhythm to each other. But tracks like “By Your Side Remix” “ “Little Suzie” “Emotions Remix” “Provider (Bridge)”... either they switch up the sig or the way it loops is weird

    BUT I am trash at theory and so I’m probably wrong. Kk idk why I replied. Bye.

  • easy as f, heres the lifehack how to easily determine 3/4 beat.. everyone knows how waltz melodies tacts sound, right? it goes, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.. if your 1-2-3, count conforms the beat bar, thats it! same shit with "1-2-3-4" 4 tact melodies!! the fuck man? open your DAW turn on a metronome and listen how many "tickings" per bar you hear!! All you need is to set your ear so it could catch the bpm so you can divide it into equal parts!!

  • Frank - Pink+White is 3/4
    Beyonce and Frank - Superpower is 3/4 and so on.. hope it's clear for everyone

  • Great thread! I know basic music theory and still find Miley 4x4 to be backwards and annoying because of how it loops on a back beat lmao
    Think buffalo as a ref ...

  • kelis suspended is definitely 3/4

  • oh ya'll talkin' music music

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