Devin Tracy’s First EP On Soulection Label

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    Forum Member Devin Tracy just released his first Release on Soulection titled ‘Soulection Black Label: 02 EP’. Introducing the second Black Label, which is a series focused on highlighting rising vocalists/rappers. Releasing his debut EP, Devin Tracy’s Soulection Black Label is an array of soulful melodies, captivating vocals, with an essence of boom bap R&B. From start to finish, the Florida native creates precise, smoothly woven stories of love and struggle in all phases maintained by his laid back flow and steady rhythms. Make sure to cop it HERE!

    Devin Tracy – Black Label (2018)
    01 – Favorite Lover (Evil Needle)
    02 – Heard You Say It (Reo)
    03 – Break It Down (Interlude) (Lehkz)
    04 – For Me (J Robb)

  • damn smooth!

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