"A Fish Doesn't Know It's Wet" - Pharrell's second book

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    Following Rizzoli’s best-selling Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been, this volume documents the continuing adventures in art and design of one of the most influential figures in contemporary music and popular culture.

    Lavishly illustrated with 250 photographs and illustrations, this book features Pharrell Williams’s prolific and ever-expanding body of work in a graphic language all his own.
    Straddling art, design, and hip-hop, Pharrell’s creative output is without peer or precedent. By playing off different disciplines—music, fashion, and contemporary art—Pharrell has redefined the role of the contemporary artist, blazing a trail for other musicians and cultural figures. Expanding on themes covered in Places and Spaces I’ve Been, this book gathers a new group of collaborators. Engaging Pharrell in conversation, talents as diverse as Karl Lagerfeld and Takashi Murakami position Pharrell’s work within contemporary visual and material culture.

    The worldwide success of the song “Happy” to his soundtrack and production credit for the Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures bookend a volume devoted to Pharrell’s mastery of artistic collaboration. Featuring work with artists as diverse as JR, Alex Katz, Mr., and Daniel Arsham, the book highlights recent projects and designs for Chanel, Moncler, Moynat, and Adidas. But at the heart is the visual language that Pharrell has built around his Ice Cream/Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, which integrates streetwear into the design of apparel, accessories, limited-edition toys, and skate graphics. This alone makes the book a must-have collectible.


    Pharrell will discuss the book during an event in Los Angeles, for those interested... : https://www.facebook.com/events/332444330894948/

  • Will this also have a super dope sound track for the launch?

  • I didn’t know I wanted another P book... but now I’m hyped!
    Already pre-ordered :)

  • niiiiiice. Loic posted a IG pic like a week ago of what appeared to be mimi valdez' office and it had two copies of this book on her desk. I couldn't see what the title was, but figured we'd hear something soon enough

  • Staff

    B...b....but the front cover is a still from that Adidas promo. So that makes me think there’s gonna be no original material in the book? Does anyone know if it has interviews and new stuff in there?

  • The picture they used for Places and Spaces was also taken months before for a magazine so I'm not sure this means anything.. + I think they initially chose another one (I can't add it here but Google "Pharrell A Fish Doesn't Know it's Wet" if you want to see it)

    Anyway these covers are really awful...

  • the title itself is meaningful, this phrase from lfmp is the key to the fact how people don't really control the direction of their attention.. sometimes.. because "the brainwash is in high tide" :P .. i hope theres some interesting piece of philosophy in this book as well..

  • Got my ticket. See you guys there.

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